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They are Phiten necklaces made in Japan. They are made of titanium which is said to improve things like circulation and overall athletic performance. Doctors and the FDA say there is no proof to these claims.

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What are the PMS colors for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

black/yellow Use your favorite black, and I like to use 109 for athletic gold, but the gold for Pittsburgh is 1235C.

What are the team colors for Super Bowl XLV?

there's yellow,black,white and green.the uniform colors for green bay are green,yellow and white.the Pittsburgh pirates have the colors yellow,black and white.

What are the official colors of the Pittsburgh Pirates?

The official colors of the Pittsburgh Pirates are black, gold and white.

What US city's pro sports teams wear the same color?

Pittsburgh, PA! The Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), and Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) all wear the colors black and yellow(gold).

Was Black and Yellow made for the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL?

No, black and yellow existed before the Steelers.

Why did wiz khalia make black and yellow?

Wiz Khalifa made 'Black & Yellow' to represent his town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What does the colors black and yellow mean?

It refers to the lyrics of a song (black & yellow) and it's the colors of the pirates. (football)

What are the Pittsburgh Steelers official team colors?

The official colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers are Black and Yellow.

What is Wiz Khalifa's song Black and Yellow about?

It is about where he lives in Pittsburgh. Like for example, the Pirates baseball team the Steelers football team and I guess you could say the Penguins hockey team.

Is the song black and yellow about a car or the stealer's?

he is talking about the Pittsburgh steelers

What is the meaning of black and yellow video?

Black and Yellow are the team colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can always say it is about the Steelers but truly it is about being rich.

What are the Pittsburgh Pirates colors?

Black and gold. Pittsburgh is the only city in which all of it's professional sports teams have the same "theme" colors.

Is there an all yellow Pittsburgh Steelers jersey?

if you mean yellow with black lettering then yes, it is called a throwback jersey

What sport team colors are black and yellow?

steelers, penguins, columbus crew, pirates

What color are the Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms?

The Pirates home uniform is white with black sleeves and gold lettering. Their away jersey is grey with black sleeves and gold lettering. Click on the 'Pirates Uniform' link on this page to see a diagram of what their uniforms look like.

What is wiz khalifa favorite football team?

Pittsburgh Steelers! hence the song Black & Yellow..

What does Wiz Khalifa's song ''Black and Yellow'' mean?

it a song he wrote about Pittsburgh because all their pro teams colors r black and yellow. and he loves Pittsburgh so much.it maens caution tape.now you kown so get off this thingmagal.

What other colors do mood necklaces give?

green, black, yellow, blue, brown, red, purple, and sometimes they go weird and turn opaque.

What is jacks costume on pirates of the curry bean?

a long black carigan and a blue banndana with yellow spots

Is the song black and yellow about a town or a car?

I'm pretty sure the reason the reason why he chose black and yellow is because he's from Pittsburgh. In most pictures I see him wearing a P somewhere, representing Pittsburgh. Steelers colours and Penguins colours even though sports might not have anything to do with it. He does mention his car being black and yellow but it's not the car that represents the colours.

What does black and yellow stand for?

It Depends What Your Referring To ... If Your Talking About The Song , Then It Means 3 Things ... 1. The Colors For The Pittsburgh Steelers 2. He's Black And His Grills Are Yellow 3. His Car Is Black And Yellow But If Your Talking About Something Else , It Would Refer To Regular Colors.

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