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In the UK some Buddhists do wear poppies.

Poppies are a wild flower, we wear them because in the war, there were poppies on the battleground.

Maple should not were uniformslet student wear what they want to wear & be happy on thing that they wear they have to wear on things that they want because u can talk what they dont want to wear they have the right to wear what they want

depends where you wear them.

people wear poppies to pay respect to the dead soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us and our nation.

They should not wear uniforms as they are not students

Muslims are forbidden to eat the intoxicants extracted from poppies or similar plants. I don't how they may wear it. Anyhow it is recommended not to deal with poppies in any form.

we wear poppies on remembrance day to show our respect for the people who died in the wars.

Traditionally, poppies, shamrocks, badges, button holes and corsages (as worn at a wedding), are worn on the right side for a woman, and on the left side for a man. You will often see the sides mixed up - which I find very annoying!

You Wear Poppies in memory of the soldiers who died on Flanders Field. Because They were the only flowers growing when WW1 was happening. ^_^

none. no kids like to wear uniforms.

yes, they wear uniforms every sunday at home games. sometimes they wear their regular uniforms away.

the army wore the uniforms of their army too show what side they were on !

-You cant wear clothes you want to wear -School uniforms can be very expensive -School uniforms can be uncomfertable -You are forced to wear clothes you dont want to wear

No, they don't have to wear uniforms, but some teachers dress formally.

about 24% in the United States wear uniforms

I know that in Lafayette,Louisiana you have to wear uniforms.

yes there are schools in france that wear uniforms

no tthey dont have too wear uniforms they can dress elegantly

No you do not wear uniforms I know because I go here

they just wear regular clothes. they do not wear school uniforms

because they are adults and they shouldn't wear it and they are professional and professionals shouldn't wear uniforms

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