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Why do the Simpsons have four fingers?

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Easier to draw & animate.

Also, there are exceptions of course (South Park for instance) but the more cartoony the character is, they'll have four fingers. If they are more realistically drawn, they'll have 5.

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Which Simpsons characters has four fingers?

All the Simpsons have four fingers.

Why some tv characters such as the Simpsons or Family Guy have only four fingers?

Because four fingers are easier to draw then five

Why do cartoon characters only have four fingers?

It's because it's easier and quicker to draw four fingers than five. Although not all cartoon characters have four fingers - in "The Simpsons", God is traditionally drawn with 5 fingers.

Who has five fingers on The Simpsons?


Who has only three fingers on The Simpsons?

All of the characters (except God & Jesus) have three fingers & a thumb.

Do the simpsons only have 4 fingers?

yes they do! and did you know there nails are blue.

How many fingers Homer Simpson have total?

All characters in the Simpsons... except God... have 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand, meaning Homer has 6 fingers (and 2 thumbs) total. When God is depicted, for some reason he's shown with normal four-fingered hands.

Who has 5 fingers on the Simpson's?

God (the Simpsons character) has five fingers and there is one more, who knows who that is. One is God, the other is not known.

How many fingers does a horse have?

It has four fingers.

Why do The Simpsons have 4 fingers on each hand?

Because four fingered characters are easier to draw than five fingered characters. Generally the more cartoonish a character is they will have 4 fingers. The more realistic, they'll have five. There are exceptions of course, after all, the South Park boys have been shown with five fingers.

What has fingers and is a four letter word?

A four letter word with fingers is HAND or FIST.

How many fingers does Bart simpsons have?

Six Finger Two Thumbs. Hope i helped.

How does jerry garci play guitar so well with only 3 fingers on his right hand?

he has four fingers he has four fingers

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What has four fingers and a thumb, but is not alive, is a popular riddle. The answer is a glove.

Does a hand have five fingers?

No, We Only Have Four Fingers And A Thumb.

How many fingers do green salamanders have?

they have four fingers and five toes

How many fingers does a female penguin have?

Four wide streached out fingers

On the Simpsons Why does God have five fingers and you never see his face?

Because no one knows what God looks like & he's god so he has the correct human amount of fingers.

How many fingers are on the human hand?

Four fingers. The thumb isn't counted.

What has fingers with four letters?


What has four fingers and one thumb but not alive?

The answer to the riddle "What has four fingers and one thumb but is not alive" is a glove.

How many fingers do a bear have?

not four They don't have fingers. They have paws. bears don't have fingers, they have small parts that look like fingers. and they have 5

Do orangutans have six fingers?

No. Orangutans hands are very similar to humans with five fingers. They have four fingers and an opposable thumb.

In my hand how many fingers is their?

To be pedantic: on one human hand there are four fingers and one thumb. But commonly it is five fingers.

What are examples of the four humors in movies?

fingers, toes and butt fingers, toes and butt