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Boxer is admired by animals on the farm because he works so hard and is so strong. They want to be as devoted and able to the work as he is.

Boxer fell while hauling stone for the windmill and hurt his lung. The pigs say they are sending him to a hospital in Willingdon but when the cart comes to pick him up, Benjamin points out what is written on the side of the cart "Alfred Simmons, Horse slaughterer and Glue boiler, Willingdon. Dealer in Hides and Bone-Meal. The animals realize that they are sending him to his death and try to get the cart to stop but fail. After he leaves, Squealer tells the animals that Boxer died in the hospital. He says he got the finest treatment and Napoleon didn't hesitate to pay any price. Squealer also explains that the cart says horse slaughterer on it because the hospital bought it from them and hasn't yet painted over it.

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Q: Why do the animals on Animal Farm admire boxer and what is boxer demises?
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Who did the animals admire the most?


What kinds of animals are boxer and pincher in Animal Farm?

Boxer is a horse and Pincher is one of the three main dogs in the story.

How did the pigs use boxer death to get animal to work harder?

Squealerr told the other animal that Boxer was sent away and was still okay, so the other animals were all relieved and worked even he=arder in Boxer's honor.

Where can you find pics of animals from the book Animal Farm?

Google Images. Type in the animals name, and animal farm. For example: Boxer Animal Farm. Or, Say the animal and type of animal. For example: Napoleon Pig

What does boxer think was the cause of the frightening slaughter of the fellow animals?

In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Boxer witnesses a frightening slaughter of fellow animals. He attributes their deaths to them not working hard enough.

Why do all animals admire boxer?

because he was a hard worker.... did you even read the book? try using your own brain before searching it on google. sheesh!

Who received the first animal hero first class awards in the book animal farm?

The two animals who received the first Animal Hero, First Class awards in the book Animal Farm were Snowball and Boxer. Snowball received it for his bravery in the Battle of the Cowshed, and Boxer received it for his hard work and dedication.

What is boxer's answer to the slaughter of other animals?

that he will work harder and get up an hour earlier each morning.

Who is the physically strongest animal on the Animal Farm?

Although the ages of the animals are not provided, the pig Old Major is likely the oldest and most experienced

What are the dumbest animals in Animal Farm?

stick insect the just sit there and do nothing

Why didn't boxer kill napoleon in animal farm?

Because, Boxer, like all the other animals, were brainwashed by the pigs in the beginning. They only thing the only way to survive is for the pigs to be in charge.

What group of animals works the least in animal farm by George Orwell?

The pigs are the rulers, so the idea is that all the other animals are working to support them.