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There is no erosion from wind or water.

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Q: Why do the craters of the moon hardly change?
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How many eruptions did Craters of the Moon have?

Craters on the moon are not volcanic, they are impact craters.

What cause the Moon's craters?

The craters on the Moon are considered to be impact craters, caused by meteoroids striking the Moon.

How many craters are in the moon.?

There are 375 craters in the moon.....

What are the large holes on the moon called?

The large indentation on the surface of the moon areÊcalled craters. It is a circular depression in the surface of the moon and other solid body in the solar system.Ê

What is moon craters?

The moon's craters are impact craters, formed by collisions of interplanetary debris (asteroids, comets, etc.) with the surface of the moon.

Who has more craters the earth or the moon?

there are more craters on the moon then on earth

Where is Craters of the Moon monument?

The Craters of the Moon monument is in central Idaho.

What are craters on the moon and Mars?

the craters on the moon and mars are from asteroids bumping into it.

Where is moon craters?

On the Moon.

What are potholes called on the moon?


How does the moon get craters?

The moon gets craters from meteor's that hit it's surface

Do the craters cause more gravity on the moon?

No. The craters on the moon do not affect its gravity.