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If the right one works,it might be a bad bulb or a bad ground.

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Q: Why do the left signal lights not flash on your GMC Sonoma?
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When i operate turn signal switch it doesn't flash lights to the left or right but the emergency switch turn flashing lights on.?

Replace the turn signal flasher relay.

Why would dash lights flash when turning on left signal indicator?

You may have a "ground loop" problem on the left turn signal. Check the ground wire at the front and rear signal bulbs.

I have replaced my 12 volt flasher on a 97 Jeep Cherokee Country no change symptoms are: all lights flash when left turn signal on all rear lights flash when headlamps on and left turn signal on.?

was jeep in accident and repaired? sounds like crossed or shorted wires

Why is the left turn signal working in front but not in back of a 2000 GMC Sonoma?

I suggest that you check in back by the trunk and back lights the there may be a short or the wires are lose

What is wrong with Buick Century 94 if left signal is turned on but does not flash?

More than likely the Flasher Relay is bad. If the bulbs are lit but will not flash it is definitely the Relay. This can also indicate a bad bulb on one of the lights on the side that does not flash.

What could be wrong if your left turn signal turns on but does not blink but the right side works?

If you mean that the arrow inside the dash turns on and stays on then your problem is one of the left side turn signal bulbs. Test by turning on your four way (hazard) lights and observing all lights. The one that does not flash is the bulb that needs replacing.

Why does the left turn signal lights illuminate but they do not flash on my 1995 Grand Am?

You need to locate your flasher, usually near your fuse box; is sounds like your flasher is burnt out for that side.

Why does the left turn signal flash faster than the right turn signal on a Mercury Grand Marquis?

When it flashes fast it means you have a burned out bulb omn that side. Check all you lights and you'll find the one that's burned out.

Why does the side turn signal indicator lights on my 1998 Toyota corrolla fail to flash after replacing both right and left side bulbs and flasher?

You have to replace front and rear bulbs.

Why would the left and right turn signal lights stay lit?

Bad turn signal flasher.

Why does left turn signal light flash really fast in 97 mercury tracer?

Turn on the RIGHT turn signal then get out of the vehicle and see which lights are flashing. Count the number of bulbs that are flashing on the back of the vehicle and on the front. Then turn on the LEFT turn signal and check again. Usually a rapid turn signal indicates that one or more bulb has failed.

On a 1989 Chevy Corsica all the lights flash for hazards so why would the left turn signal go steady-on while the right turn signal flashes lights normally?

It turns out the problem was that a couple of bulbs on the left side were burned out (front left turn signal, one of the rear turn signal/brake light bulbs.) After replacing the rear bulbs, the signal would work, albeit slowly. Once I pulled the front left turn bulb (with the intent of replacing it the next day), the turn signal light went steady-on regardless even without moving the signal indicator arm. That problem also went away when the remaining bad bulb was replaced.

Where is the fuse for hazard and signal lights located on Nissan Serena?

The fuse for hazard and signal lights on the Nissan Serena is in the fuse box, bottom row. The flasher fuse for hazard and signal lights is located in the dash just to the left of the radio.

What causes the brake lights to flash when engaging the left turn signal on a 2002 peterbilt 379 tractor?

Short to power in the brake light circuit. Most likely, the fault is in the switch itself.

How do you fix a blinker on a 1988 Buick Centra?

If the turn signal lights come on but do not flash, then Flasher Relay is defective, replace it. If they flash but one does not work the bulb is bad, replace it. Flasher Relay is located below left hand side of steering column.

Left turn signal on your 1996 buick century does not work when activated Tail light is solid but does not flash Left front signal does not come on at all What should I check?

It looks like your left front one is burnt out. When there is not enough current flow the good light will not flash.

Signal arrow on left indicator flashes rapidly bulbs ok on holden barina 2005 lights not working?

Turn left indicator signal flashes rapidly when I use indicator, bulbs ok, no lights working

Why would the hazard lights and left signal in a 2000 Pontiac Montana not work when the headlight switch is on?

Check the left turn signal bulb. It is probably burnt out.

How to fix boat trailer lights Both blink while left turn signal is on Tail lights work ok when head lights are on and when right turn signal is on?

Check ground circuit Check bulbs they are duble filamented one may be burned out Seems to me there is a wire crossed at the harness. I think the vehicle left turn signal wire is hooked up to the trailer tail lights wire. Usually there are four wires at the trailer harness, yellow, green, white, and brown, The brown wire is usually the tail lights and side marker lights, the white wire is ground, the yellow and green go to the left and right signal lights.

How do you fix a turn signal when the right signal works and the left signal turns on the hazard lights on an 03 silverado?

Its the turning signal/flasher module, left side of dash behind the fuse box. Its a dealer part only about 98.00

Why does your left turn signal flash faster than the right?

Normal cause is failed bulb.

What causes the left front signal on a 2007 PT Cruiser to flash fast?

light is burned out

When your lights are on and you hite the brakes your left turn signal goes faster?

if your signal is faster than normal then you need a new bulb

1989 silverado left turn signal set applying brakes causes the left turn signal to dimm and the two right rear tail light bulbs to alternate brightly?

1989 silverado left turn signal set applying brakes causes the left turn signal to dim and the two right rear tail light bulbs to alternate brightly? Further problem occurs to same truck - in Park and brakes not applied -- if head lights are on turn signal flash slows right down almost to a stop and becomes very dim

Turn signal left side don't work no blink in back no light in front side?

flasher will not flash when circuit is open or shorted replace left front turn signal bulb