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more gas particles increases the pressure inside the balloon expanding it, since gas particles hit the inside of the balloon.

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Q: Why do the sides of the balloon expand when you blow into it?
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Why does a balloon expand when you blow it?

You are pushing more air into the balloon.

Why does a balloon expand when you blow in it?

You are pushing more air into the balloon.

What is the problem in how to blow balloon in baking soda and vinegar?

When the vinegar mixes with baking soda it produces a gas that will cause the balloon to expand

What are synonyms for balloon?

expand, rise, increase, swell, blow up, inflate, bulge, billow

How does Mentos and soda pop a balloon?

Sure, but it is likely to blow up in your face! Wear safety goggles if you try it! Put the candy in the balloon, stretch the balloon over the mouth of the bottle and shake the candy out into the soda. It will release the gases and expand the balloon.

What happen to the balloon if you blow more air?

It will expand more. And if too much air is added, it will explode.

What happens when air is blown into a balloon?

Air is transferred from your lungs into the balloon, where it diffuses inside the balloon and due to the elastic tendancies causes it to expand from the pressure of the increasing amount of air you blow in.

What happens if you heat a balloon?

If you gradually heat a balloon, then the gas inside the balloon will expand, causing the balloon to become bigger in volume.If you put a balloon above a flame, then the balloon will pop because the heat will weaken bonds in the polymer that makes up the balloon, thus the polymer will not be able to hold the pressure of the gas inside the balloon.

How can you put a needle in a balloon without popping it?

at the part where you blow it up Take a piece of tape and place it over the outside of the balloon. Poke the needle through the tape and through the surface of the balloon. The balloon will not pop because the surface of the balloon cannot expand, thus popping the balloon.

How does a balloon expand?

when you fill a balloon with air the air makes pressure. the air pressure maximizes the balloon fabric allowing the balloon to expand.

Is A Balloon a Gas?

balloons have carbion dioxide (vaccum) so in the world today vaccum is the best insulaters

What happens to the shape of a helium balloon as it rises?

As the balloon rises, the air pressure outside will decrease, and the balloon skin will deform till the pressure on both sides of the skin is the same. Thus your balloon will inflate in shape, towards the spherical, which is the limiting shape for a simple balloon.