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Q: Why do they build ponds next to buildings?
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What covers Ares where ponds use to be?

buildings or houses

What buliding found next to build-a-bear workshop store in townsquare?

There are 2 buildings next to the Build-A-Bear Workshop store - the Bearville Outfitters Store and the Bear Stuff Store.

Who makes the buildings?

Builders build buildings. Carpenters build things.

Why did the romans build the buildings?

Depends on which buildings you're referring to.

How do you build buildings on tribal wars?

You have to level up certain buildings to get other different buildings.

Who builds fish ponds?

We build fish ponds! If you are interested in checking out our site please visit If you have any questions about ponds you can visit our fish/pond forum at

Where can someone find information about how to build fish ponds?

To find more information on how to build fish ponds, one can go to their local aquarium and ask the marine biologists there. Also, they can simply go to the local fish shop, and often the owner has plenty of information on building fish ponds.

When was kush build?

Kush Buildings

How do you build a community in CityVille?

Go to Build and click on Community buildings.

What did the Olmecs build?

they build plaza's ,market's , apartment buildings ,and pyramids

Where do birds live in ponds?

Birds do not live in ponds. They visit the pond to wash, drink, and catch fish and frogs for food. Birds usually live in nests which are in the trees, mountains or tall buildings.

What are all of the evony the game buildings?

If you click on an empty square, you get a list of buildings that you can build.