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The Red Sea got its name from a phenomenon caused by a type of algae called Trichodesmium Erythraeum, which is found in the sea. When these algae blooms die off the blue-green color of sea appears to change to reddish-brown color.

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Why do they call it the red-sea what-chaphter in the bible?

The red sea is red because of algae lining the bottom gives it a reddish color. It is listed in exodus

Is the red sea in Texas?

no you idiot the red sea is definetly not even close to the red sea!

Bakit tinawag na red sea ang red sea in tagalog?

bakit tinawag ang red sea ang red sea

Is the red sea an ocean or a sea?

the red sea is not a ocean. it is a sea.

Is the Red Sea the warmest sea in the world?

red sea

What is red but not red and dead but not dead?

This is a riddle. The answer is The Red Sea and The Dead Sea.

Why is Red Sea a misnomer?

Red Sea is a misnomer because it's not red and it's a gulf, not a sea.

Is the red sea a canal?

The Red Sea is a Sea as suggested by the name

Is the red sea red?


Why do they call red foxes red foxes?

They call Red Foxes red foxes because they are orange-red and because Indians use to call them that.

Is the red sea a sea in Europe?

No, the Red Sea is between Africa and Asia.

The sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

the red sea

Is the red sea cold or warm?

The red sea is warm

What is the red sea famous for?

Moses parted the Red Sea.

What is the ISBN of Sea of Red?

The ISBN of Sea of Red is 1582406669.

Which is warmer the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea?

the red sea is hotter than the med. sea

Is the red sea and the dead sea the same thing?

The Dead Sea and the Red Sea is the same.

Which is larger red sea or dead sea?

The red sea is larger than the dead sea.

What sea borders the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea?

There is no sea that touches both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

What did the ancient Egyptians call the red sea?

Payem A’a en Merced

What was red river?

its not called a red river but the red sea.

What body of water separates Arabia and Africa?

The Red Sea separates Africa from the Arabian peninsula. The Red Sea the red sea

How did moses and isrealites cross the red sea?

God parted the Red Sea for them and they crossed the Red Sea on dry land by foot.

Does Israel border the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea?

Israel has direct access to the Mediterranean Sea and indirect access to the Red Sea.The entire northwest border of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea, which is why Israel has direct access to the Mediterranean Sea. As for the Red Sea, Israel has access to the Gulf of Aqabah, which is an outlet of the Red Sea, but does not have direct access to the Red Sea-proper.

Why did they name it the red sea?

It's red No. It was because the red sea was made of blood. That's all it was.