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Because you would ruin the stigma, of what makes Fenway one of the best parks in Major League Baseball. In other words, without the Green Monster, and what it does, Fenway would be just another ball park. If they did that ... then one of those bloop hits that just scrapes the wall and results in a double would be ruled a home run. I will grant you that a line drive that hits high on the wall would be a home run in another park, but the risk of awarding home runs to weakly hit balls that wouldn't be a home run in any park outweighs the loss of those hard-hit balls that end up only being singles or doubles.

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What do you do when your moshi monster is mad?

You have to look on the side bar (left) and then you will see a face. Scroll over the face and then it will say how your monster feels above your monster.

What is the ruling when a baseball hits the yellow part and comes back in?

The ball must clear the fence or hit above the yellow line. If the ball hits the line and comes back into play then it is a live ball (assuming it wasnt interfered with by a fan) just like any other ball that hits off the wall. In stadiums like Chase Field in Arizona that have a line on their wall in centerfield, if the ball hits above that line then it is a homerun, below the line is just a hit off the wall. Same with Fenway Park in Boston and where the "Green Monster" meets the wall in centerfield

How do you get a monster bone plus in monster hunter?

Fight in High Rank online in Tri, some 4 Star and above quests in Freedom Unite.

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no,children above the age of 7 may read it.many 9 years old girls read Monster High novels.even have their own collection of Monster High books

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you have to gain 4 levels then catchum

How do you invite friends on fight my monster?

I dont know the exact answer but it is sometimes appears above your charaters.

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Is it possible to change a name of a monster on monster galaxy?

u cant they wont let u Actually, they do. Go to your pick team thing at the top left then click on the monster whose name you wish to change. Then, you should see a little star right above the actual monster. Click that and you can change the nickname of any monster you want.

What if your moshi monster dissapears?

If your monster disappears, just click somewhere and it'll come back. If your monster disappears, it means that it wants to go outside to take a walk or go shopping because it's bored. If your monster disappears and if you try those ideas above and it doesn't work, then your monster has ditched you. Ditch your account and make a new one.

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how old are you to be wondering what the hell that its a fictional monster! *sighs at comment above.* oy vey. Anywho, Shnitzel is a rock monster. Sorry I can't remember what episode it says that.

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The long neck of the Loch Ness monster protruded above the surface of the lake.

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Green algae is none of the above. It is a plant and makes its own food.

What is the region shaded in green on the map above known as?

the Fertile Crescent

How do get good armour in monster hunter freedom unite?

go hunt a monster first. after the mission, go to the man who sells armors and look for the armor that he sells. choose the one with good skills, then hunt that monster again and again until all the requirements for that armor set is in your hands. then buy that armor. the skills will only be activated when they are above 10 points (check your status to see which ones are actived *green colored*). Note: kill more types of monster and bring their parts to home so you'll have more armors and weapons to choose from.

How do you get past floor 1?

You just click the green triangle above the red one then click the green arrow to move on.

Is the green lantern an avenger?

No you noob and the pic is green arrow above and you suck cause ya don't know anything.

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The methane gas above the cloud layers gives it a blue-green colour.

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Sesame street!!

Who uses a green logo with the numbers 123 above it?

Sesame street

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