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You see only reflected light.

If the light source changes, then the light that bounces off any object (that you see) must also change.

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Q: Why do things look a different colour in different light?
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Can objects look different in colors depending on the color of light in whch they are seen?

yes light has a effect on shapes. Object's colour tone depends on the type of light it absorbs and reflects. Blue objects look blue, because they reflect it and absorbs all other light that falls on it. Different colour will impart different appearance in terms of colour

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Why do crystals make everything look colorful when you look in to it?

It's because different colours of light traverse at different speeds, when they're all traversing at the same speed the light colour is, 'transparent' light traverses at different speeds through crystals / glass due to refraction.

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Why do objects appear different colors when seen under different colored lights?

Because the reflection of the light up above the shape is seen on the shape. Making it look that colour.

What colour would blue look in blue light?

It would still look blue :)

How does the tip of the onion look different from the rest?

its a different colour and shape

Why does light look like a rainbow when it exits a prism?

Each colour component of white light has a different wavelength. Therefore meaning that each component is refracted by a slightly different amount, separating the colours and making them visible by dispersion.

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