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They don't. Tornadoes do occur in New York, but they are relatively rare. The regions cool climate and less-than ideal setup of wind shear and instability means that tornadoes, especially strong ones, don't occur often.

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Q: Why do tornadoes mostly happen in new york?
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Did New York get any tornadoes?

Yes. Both New York State and New York City have had tornadoes.

Is there going to be a tornado in New York?

Eventually, yes. New York, both the state and the city, get tornadoes. However, there is no way of known when these tornado will happen.

How many tornadoes hit new york in 2008?

There were 2 tornadoes in New York in 2008.

Do tornadoes occur in NY?

Yes. The State of New York has had tornadoes as strong as F4, and New York City has had a few tornadoes as well.

Are tornadoes a serious threat to New York?

Not really. While tornadoes do occur in New York, strong tornadoes are rare and deaths are even less common.

Have there ever been tornadoes in New York?

Yes. The states of New York gets a few tornadoes each year, most of them weak. New York City has also had a few tornadoes, at least one of which was a killer.

Does New York State have tornadoes?

Yes, all 50 states have had tornadoes. New York averages 5 each year.

Where does the only two moon bows occur?

they occur mostly in new york. they could happen anywhere

How many tornadoes were reported NY in 2012?

There were 8 recorded tornadoes in New York in 2012.

What would happen if a tornado came to New York?

Tornadoes have occurred in New York, both the city and the state. Most have been weak. These tornadoes have brought down trees and damaged homes and buildings, occasionally destroying them. Some have resulted in deaths and injuries. No single tornado in the state of New York has killed more than four people. Only one person in New York City has been killed by a tornado.

Is there going to be a tornado in east New York?

It is inevitable that eastern New York will see tornadoes eventually, but currently, as of late October 2012 the risk of tornadoes is negligible. The main threat facing New York is Hurricane Sandy.

What group mostly immigrated to New York City?

Puerto Ricans mostly immigrated to New York City.