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From the tree's perspective, it's to protect it from freezing and breaking. It redirects it's water and nutrients into the roots so that they are protected from the cold and available in the spring. It also reduces the water in the trunk and branches so that when the freeze does occur the water doesn't expand in the wood and burst the cells and break the branches.

From our perspective it's because of a combination of shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures. The plants somehow sense this occurring and make the necessary preperations for the above mentioned freeze.

Even evergreens go through a (mostly) dormant period where growth will cease and only enough nutrients to maitain the tree will be sent upwards.

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2011-09-13 14:04:58
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Q: Why do trees go dormant during winter?
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Can evergreen trees go dormant?

they are dormant in the winter

Do deciduous trees dormant during winter months?

Deciduous tress do go into dormancy during winter months. Deciduous trees will start to lose their leaves in autumn. This process is called abscission.

How do maple trees survive winter?

because they go dormant or go to sleep

In the winter do you water a flowering maple tree or does it go dormant?

How often do you water trees in the winter?

How does a chemical change relate to the fall season?

The leaves of some trees change color in the autumn, as the chlorophyll is not renewed in them. These trees (deciduous) go dormant during the winter.

Why aren't the maple trees tapped in winter?

Because - during winter months trees go into a 'dormant' state - Most lose their leaves, and sap production is vastly reduced. Sap production resumes in spring - so it's better to tap the trees then.

When do trees hibernate?

Trees hibernate or go dormant during harsh weather when the temperatures are colder and there is less sunlight. Depending on in which hemisphere the trees live, they could go dormant during October to April in the Northern Hemisphere, or April to October in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why do carbon dioxide levels go down in the summer and up in the winter?

During the summer in the northern hemisphere (where most of the vegetation is) trees and plants grow, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This lowers levels in the atmosphere. During winter, when the trees and vegetation are dormant, levels rise again.

Do cockroaches go dormant?

There are many species of cockroach that have a dormant period during the winter. When the temperature at night drops below freezing, most cockroaches go dormant and will die after a week.

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Hornets go dormant during the winter months, or when the temperatures go below freezing. Most of them do not survive and those that do build new nests in the spring.

Do daisies die in the winter?

Daisies do not die in the winter, they only go dormant, which means the more or less hibernate during the winter, returning in the spring

Do frogs sleep in the winter?

Frogs don't sleep during the winter. They go into hibernation, which means they are dormant for long periods of time.

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