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its because mirrors are lined with silver

nothing to do with souls

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Q: Why do vampires can't see their reflection in the mirror?
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Where can i find vampires?

You can see vampires, but if you are standing in front of a mirror, you cant see them, because they have no reflection. They are only dead people's corpses animated. They just prey on others. They are kinda like spirits. They can't see themselves in their reflection; it confuses their minds. But, to make this easier, just like how ghosts are stereotyped to have no feet, vampires have no reflection. But that is not a stereotype.

How do vampires shave when they cant see themselves in the mirror?

Vampires don't need to shave.

Why can't you see your reflection in the mirror on a television?

cause your not looking at it , its on tv, it cant see you, the tv does not give off a reflection like a mirror

What you see when you look in a mirror is know as an?

You see your reflection in a mirror

How do you tell a vampire from a human?

There are no such thing as vampires, so telling the difference is easy. If they exist, then they are not a vampire. If they exist, then they are human. Vampires are fictional, like elves, fairies, Santa Claus and trickle-down economics. [Alternate: Hold a mirror up in front of them. If you see their reflection in the mirror - and you will - they are not vampires.]

Why cant vampires see themselves in mirrors?

Some say that it is because they lack a soul. Others believe that they do have a reflection but can't bear to see what they have become.

Are there some vampires that can see their refletion in a mirror?

Some vampires can.

What thing cannot see their reflection?

A vampire is the creature that can not see their reflection because the theory is that to have a reflection you must also have a soul. Vampires do not have souls for they are dead and your soul leaves your body when you die. I therefore state Vampires will never see their reflection.

What do you see when you look in a mirror?

you see a reflection

When a vampire goes near a mirror why cant you see them?

Actually you can. This is one of the more incredulous claims for vampires that is difficult to conform to known physics. Some vampires are not comfortable with what they have become and shrink from seeing themselves in a mirror. Denial.

Can we see your reflection in a dark room on the mirror?

It may be possible if there is enough light in the room to see an outline of your reflection in the mirror. Or, your eyes may adjust to the dimness of the room and you may see a faint outline of your reflection in the mirror.

When you look in the mirror what will you see?

your reflection...