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== == The home team in football gets to choose whether they wear light or dark colors depending on the weather; if it's cold out then the home team will usually wear dark colors to soak up heat and sunlight. Light colors reflect sunlight so the home team will wear light colors when it is hot outside. Basketball teams don't have the choice so they wear light colors at home and dark colors when they are away. Sometimes, the visiting basketball teams will wear light jerseys. It all depends on what the home team wants to wear. There will also be times when the home team will wear retro jerseys and the away team will wear colored jerseys, so no team has light jerseys.

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Q: Why do visiting basketball teams wear dark jerseys while visiting football teams wear light jerseys?
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Does the home team usaually where their light jerseys or their dark jerseys?

They usaually wear their light jerseys since they are the home team!

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Well, if the reason is the same as the jersey situation for hockey, I know that the teams would wear dark jerseys while they were away because they didn't always have laundry facilities available to them when they were on a road trip. Since dirt shows up less on dark jerseys, a dark jersey would "last" a lot longer than a light one would.

Why do Minnesota basketball teams wear dark colored jerseys for home games?

Per MSHSL (Minnnesota State High School League ) rules modification, the home team wears the dark colored jersey and visiting team wears light, this modification was brought on as an exemption to the the NFHSA (National Federation of High School Associations) in which the home team wears light and visiting team wears dark. If a Minnesota team plays out of state, and out of sanction by MSHSL rules, NFHSA rules would likely apply.

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