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because there is zero gravity

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What fragments float in space?

Space rocks, bits of old rockets and UFO's.

What keeps rockets in space moving forward?

Since there is no gravity nor air resistance, they will continue to float in the direction where they were propelled.

What could you do to make an object float in air?

put rockets on it or attach fishing line to the top of it then put the other end on a long stick.

When was Rockets - Rockets album - created?

Rockets - Rockets album - was created in 1976.

What pro teams play in Houston?

the rockets the rockets the rockets

What are three main types of rockets that power modern spacecrafts?

The three kinds of rockets are solid fuel rockets, liquid fuel rockets, and ion powered rockets.

What is the difference between water rockets and modern rockets?

Water rockets use water and air modern rockets use thrust and oxygen.

Which scientist invented rockets?

who invited the rockets

Do rockets have wheels?

no rockets dont have wheels

Is uranium used in rockets?

Uranium is not used for rockets but can be used for the atomic bombs sent by rockets.

Why do rockets take off?

Rockets take off to carry things (called payloads) into space. Do you mean 'how' do rockets take off, or how do rockets work?

What is the difference between solid rockets and liquid rockets?

solid rockets use blackpowder to propel the rocket, while water (and pressure) propels liquid rockets

How do rockets move in space?

rockets move with the control

What is the Houston Rockets nickname?

TMAC Red rockets.

What are rockets made from?

rockets are made from silver metel

What are the structural needs of rockets?

What are the structural needs of rockets

What is the use of oxygen in the rockets?

It is used as oxidant in the rockets.

How are rockets useful?

Because if we didn't have rockets there would be no such thing as rockets and we need them because the word "Rockets" sounds like pockets and we like words that rhyme don't we.

Where do some rockets get their oxygen from?

Liquid fueled rockets get it from liquid oxygen, and solid fueled rockets get it from and oxidized metal.

What are three types of rockets that power modern spacecraft?

The answer, is that there are only two types of rockets which fuel modern spacecraft. they are solid fuel rockets, and liquid fuel rockets

Why do rockets have potential energy?

Rockets in flight have kinetic energy. Rockets with remaining fuel have chemical energy. Rockets still able to fall back to Earth have potential energy.

What is the width of a rocket?

Rockets come in very different sizes.Rockets come in very different sizes.Rockets come in very different sizes.Rockets come in very different sizes.

What are those rockets doing by mt ember?

being rockets

When was rockets made?

Rockets were made during the Song dynasty.

What is nickname of Houston Rockets starting in 2004?

Red rockets

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