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Lighthouses guide ships to a port or harbour. Other times they guide ships away from a hazard. Sometimes they do both.
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As navigational aids and warning beacons.

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Q: Why do we need lighthouses?
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Do they have lighthouses in Australia?

Yes, of course Australia has lighthouses. Wherever there are shipping routes, lighthouses are required. Along parts of the southern coast the waters are particularly treacherous, whilst the Queensland coast has the Great Barrier Reef, and ships need to be warned of such dangers. There are in fact 228 lighthouses listed in Australia.

Why lighthouses spiralled?

Lighthouses are not spiraled, they are towers.

Do you need people in the lighthouses?

yes afcos.add. All of New Zealand's lighthouses used to be manned, but all are automatic these days. So it will depend upon your country.

How many lighthouses does North Carolina have?

7 Lighthouses

How many lighthouses does Maine have?

Maine has 71 lighthouses.

How many lighthouses are in Connecticut?

There are 23 lighthouses in Connecticut.

How many lighthouses does Ohio have?

Ohio has 24 lighthouses.

What are facts about lighthouses?

Egyptians were the people who invented lighthouses. Lighthouses guide sailors as navigators and as warning systems

Why are lighthouses red and white?

Not all lighthouses are red and white but all lighthouses need to be visible during the daytime, as well as at night. The colours or stripes on some lighthouses increase their visibility. Some lighthouses are black, because the angle from which they are usually seen by ships places them against the white clouds or bright blue sky, and the traditional white or striped lighthouse makes them hard to see against this background.

How many lighthouses are in the coastal plain?

their are currently 1,983,475 lighthouses

What state lighthouses are from?

Nobody actually know when and where the lighthouses were built.

How many lighthouses are in nc?

There are 7 lighthouses i North Carolina.

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