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We need to study them to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

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Q: Why do we need to study science and technology?
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Can you take science to study information technology?

Information technology is itself a science. A large amount of areas are covered by science. So if you want to study information technology you need to be more specific in deciding what it is you want to study. Informantion technology itself also has many areas that you could study.

Why you need to study science and technology?

We need to study them to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

What is the differentiate between the science and technology?

science is a study of community and technology is a kind of material

How does science and technology affect your ecosystem?

scientist that study science and technology invent machine that destroy our ecosystem

Which is best computer science engineering or information technology?

Computer Science Engineering and Information technology are same in all aspects except electronics. The study of electronics is more detailed in Information technology. Hence for computer science engineering you need good maths however for information technology you need both good maths and physics.

Is science a technology?

No. Science is the study and application of knowledge. Technology refers to tools or devices and their use, which may or may not be related to a science.

How is science and technology similar?

Science is a Greek word meaning 'knowledge' and technology means 'the study of tools and crafts'.

What are the resource of science and technology?

Curiosity, Study, and Application.

Why do you study science and technology in your society?

to improve our knowledge

Distinguish science from technology?

Science is the study of natural phenomenons of the world. Technology is the APPLICATION of science to people's lives to make life easier :)

What is the define science and technology?

Science is the study of the natural world as it exists. Technology uses science to create new things that did not exist before.

What is the need to study transistors?

It is a need to study transistors because it concerns science and would help you find a work concerning technology more easily.But be careful of the effects of electricity as it will harm you.