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Q: Why do we not hear any sound when we wiggle our fingers rapidly?
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What is the noise you hear when you pop your fingers?

its air leaving the space between your fingers that's why there's a "popping" sound when done.^_^

Why do you hear a sound when you shot a gun?

Rapidly expanding gas from burning gunpowder makes a pressure wave in the air.

Is it normal to hear a sound in ear when you plug them with your fingers or go into complete silence?

Yes. Its like a high ringing. That's normal. Its the sound of silence...

Where does the noise come from when clicking your fingers?

Sound is made when air particles vibrate. So when you click your fingers, you're causing the air particles around your finger to vibrate, causing the noise you hear. The noise you hear is actually a mixture of 2 sounds; the sound of your middle finger sliding off your thumb, and also the sound of your middle finger hitting your hand.

Hear D flat sound on a tenor sax?

D flat is the same as C sharp, and you play it with none of your fingers on the keys.

Can a chicken hear sound?

they can hear sound in ears

What is sound perspective?

Sound perspective is the way you hear a sound. (Where you hear it coming from)

You love singing but you dont think you sound very good if you put your fingers in your ears and you sing and you hear what you sound like is that what you sound like to others?

Yes because some singing stars do that but maybe they do that because it's a habit but I say yes

The outsiders what unusual sound do they hear?

What unusual sound do they hear in the fire?

What is the loudest sound we can hear?

The loudest sound that we can hear is about 130 decibels.

Does hear have a long a or short a sound?

"Hear" doesn't have an "a" sound at all; it has a long "e" sound.

When a sound wave is reflected what do you hear?

When a sound wave is reflected, you hear an echo.