Why do we see the color white?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Why do we see the color white?
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Can dogs see in color or bark and white?

they see in black and white

Do white tigers see color true or false?

yes they can see in color.

Do foxes see color?

they do not see color their like dogs they can see black white and gray

Why do you see white color?


Why do you see the color white?


Can dog's see in color?

No. All they see is Black and white.

When all color are mixed together what color do yo see?


What color do you see if it has no red or blue?


What is the easiest color to see at night?


Why is light not reflected off a white wall?

It is. But the fact that it is white tells us that that is the only color that is reflected off of the wall. Whatever you see an object's color is is what color that object reflects. Every other color you do not see present the object absorbs. So, a white wall will absorb every color but white, and reflect white.

What is the color of the star you see?


What color do puppies see in?

Black and white are what most people think that dogs see, but in fact they see more of a blue-green color. This is because wolves see in this color and because dogs are a descendent of wolves . The reason wolves and dogs see in this color is because when wolves hunt is in the morning and that makes it easier to see in the low light.