Why do we use sound?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Why do we use sound?
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What do animals use sound for?

Animals use sound to communicate and/or scare away predators.

What are ways we use sound energy?

We can use sound energ for many things but the main two reasons are: -Communication - we use sound energy to communicate with other living organisms as this is our soul main use of sound -Pleasure - for example music

List two reasons why sound is important to beluga whales?

They use sound to communicate and they use sound to find food, that's why sound is important to beluga whales.

How do people use sound?

People use sound waves in ultrasound scans when women are pregnant. You can hear the noises the baby is making and the sound is through sound waves

When was A Calculated Use of Sound created?

A Calculated Use of Sound was created on 2003-05-01.

Does use have a long or short U sound?

The YOO sound in "use" is a long U (long OO) sound. It sounds like (yooz).

How is sonar similar to vocal?

Exactly the same. Sonar is Sound. We use the word sonar to indicate what use that the sound is put to- not to differentiate it from sound its self.

What type of energy does an electric amplifier use to produce louder sound?

they use electrical and sound energy

What kind of math do sound technician use?

They can use formulas that are based on how sound grows weaker over the distance it travels and how the sound will echo off of walls.

Why do you use sound energy?


Why do bats need to use sound to find insects?

sound navigation

What sound does the oven makes?

pounding sound when i use the oven