Why do wee need to use robots?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Why do wee need to use robots?
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Where can wow wee roboboa be bought?

Why do you need or use robots?

Robots are faster and easier than us humans working, plus in the long run not have to pay salary.

How do you say wee poshly?

In America, women say "I need to go powder my nose" when they need to "use the Ladie's Room" or "go to the little girls' room." The proper term for "wee" is "urinate," but most people use a euphemism like "go to the bathroom" or "use the restroom."

What Should you Do If you Need A Wee?

Do you really not know what to do if you need a wee? If you need a wee, go to the bathroom! Find a toilet! GIRL: Sit down and pee. BOY: Stand and pee.

What are three things that robots have in common?

Robots do not need the things people need to survive, robots have the only ability to do what they're programmed to do, and their brains are computers.

What industries use robots and how?

Car industries use robots, If that's what you mean. If not :)

What is the right word to use in England for when you have to go to the toilet but it isn't just a wee?

I need to use the bathroom and i have a dodgy tummy

What can't robots do that humans do?

Robots don't use bathrooms

What sensors do exploratory robots use?

Exploratory robots use motion, heat, and camera sensors.

Why do you need robots?

There is no real need for robots. However, they do make many people's lives easier, and have enabled humans to do things they never could have done without robots.

Do robots need to sleep?


How did English Kings use early juries?

they used them to do wee-wee on.