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Thats how god wanted it to be. Alternate answer: Because women have the reproductive system to do so. If men had the reproductive system of women and vice versa then women would be fertilizing men and men would have the children. Currently human reproductive-ness is not at all at any threat, just look at the worlds 6.7 billion people. With women producing the children we have lasted for many generations, not to mention the ones to come.

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Where do Muslim women give birth?

As other women; they give birth in hospitals.

How did Egyptian women give birth to their children?

just like American women give birth

How do men give birth?

Men do not give birth only women do.

How do gay people give birth?

gay women give birth exactly the same way that straight women give birth. The baby passes out of the womb and through the birth canal.

Can transgender women give birth?

Some transgender women can father children, but none can get pregnant or give birth.

What are the women that used to help women give birth called?


Is it possible for women to give a birth with out uterus?


Why a woman knows she is about give birth when she her water break?

A women knows when her water breaks that she is about to give birth because the water that comes out the women is what protects the baby in the womb. Once the liquid is released the baby has nothing to protect it anymore. The women has to give birth...

Why do women have wider pelvis?

Because women give birth and men don't.

Do all people give birth?

No, only women of child bearing ages can bare children and give birth.

How many women give birth every second?

don't be silly, no woman can give birth every second...

What jobs can women do that men can't?

Give birth

Can PCOD women give birth to child?


What muscle help women give birth?


Do women give birth out their vaginas or their bums?

A woman can give birth different ways. Either via Caesarean section or vaginal birth.

When a women gives birth why do they sweat?

Women sweat when they give birth because giving birth is hard on the body and takes a lot of physical energy.

How many months does it take a women to give birth to a baby?

it takes 9 months for a woman to give birth to a child........

Why do women give birth nstead of men?

Women are only having the birth giving organs and hence men do not have womb or uterus or eggs for birth.

Is possible for women get brest milke with out give birth . who want have have milk in?

can women who get child at few day old who has not give birth to that child get breast milk come .

Can a women give birth after 7 month?

yes yes

How many women give birth each day?


What did medieval women do that men did not?

Give birth and become nuns.

Why cant sum women give birth?

they had a sex change.

Can a women with blocked fallopian tube give birth to the child?


Do women who give birth live longer?

Not very likely.