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They do this because they are looking for food. Termites and other wood dwelling creatures for example are a good source of protein for them. Woodpeckers also raise their young in trees by pecking away a large hole in a tree! Woodpeckers also drum on trees to communicate territoriality.

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Q: Why do woodpeckers peck on wood?
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How did woodpeckers got their names?

Woodpeckers peck trees. And trees are wood, thus WOODpeckers.

Do woodpeckers eat the wood or do they just peck it?

Just peck it to get to the insects inside the wood.

What do woodpeckers do everyday?

they peck on wood idiot

What do Woodpeckers do during the day?

peck on wood

Do woodpeckers actually peck wood or are they just kidding with us?

Well, woodpeckers peck trees, which i guess could categorize under wood. Hope I helped!

Do all woodpeckers peck wood?

Yes, that is why their called "wood peckers"

What birds peck wood with their beak?

WOODPECKERS are known to do that.

How much wood do woodpeckers peck?

as much as they want to

Do all woodpeckers really peck wood?

Yes they do.

Why do woodpeckers need such strong beaks?

to help them peck into the wood

Do woodpeckers live in trees?

woodpeckers live in trees. they peck on the wood to find termites and to make a home.

What season do woodpeckers peck wood?

year round.that's how they obtain food.

Do woodpeckers peck with their tongue?

No..They use their powerful bills to peck the wood away, to expose their insect prey.

Do woodpeckers make their own food?

No, they peck wood/trees looking for insects.

Why do woodpeckers live in dead trees?

They are the only trees with wood soft enough for them to peck it out

What is a woodpecker's food?

A woodpeckers food are the bugs in the trees. They "peck" the wood to get at them. They love termites and other wood bugs.

How do woodpeckers peck wood without breaking their beaks?

Their beaks are made from a material much harder than the wood.

Why do woodpeckers peck wood?

Pecking wood is how woodpeckers extract food from trees. Though that is the primary purpose, they also use drumming and hammering of their bills for breeding rituals and communicating.

How do woodpeckers eat?

They peck holes in wood then use a very long tongue to get insects out from inside.

Do woodpeckers peck things that are not wood?

Nope they do not peck on other matarials

How do woodpecker get there prey out of the tree?

Woodpeckers literally peck the wood of the tree, to get their prey. They generally feast on the insects and fruit they find in the dead/alive trees they peck.

Do woodpeckers eat wood?

Wood peckers do not eat wood, they eat bugs and insects. The only reason it seems they eat wood because they are pecking at the bark of trees to get to the insect or bug inside thetree that is why they are called WOODPECKERS!!!!!!no all it does is peck wood it eats bugs and insects

If a woodpecker pecks at house do you have insects?

Tapping on wood is how woodpeckers locate grubs and insects inside the wood. They will do this to just about any exposed wood. If they start boring into the wood after insects, you definitely have insects. Woodpeckers might also peck at the wood if they decide to bore out a nesting cavity.

Can woodpeckers live in maple trees?

if it has some dead branches yes, live wood is too difficult to peck into.

Why do woodpeckers peck?

trees and barck