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They don't. Worker honey bees live for around 6 weeks in summer and 6 months in winter. The queen can live for about 4 years.

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Q: Why do worker bees live longer than the other bees?
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Where do worker bees live?

The worker honey bee lives with all the other worker bees, drones and the queen in a hive supplied by a beekeeper or maybe in the hollow trunk of a tree if they are feral bees.

Do drones live alone or do they live with other kinds of bees?

It depends on the species of bee. With solitary bees they will live alone, but with social bees they live with the colony. Honey bee drones could not live alone because they depend on the worker bees to feed them.

Why do bumble bees only live for 10-20 days?

Actually, bumble bees live longer than 10-20 days. In the summer a worker bee can live for about 40 days in addition, queen can live up to 5 years.

What sex of bees live there?

The queen and all worker bees are female, the drones are male.

Are worker bees boys?

All worker bees are female. The males are called drones, who do no work in the hive. They only live for one thing: to mate with a new queen.

Why are bees called social insects?

bees live in colonies or groups. each colony has a queen bee and a drone bee and many worker bees. the queen bee lays eggs with the help of drone bee and the worker bees look after them.

Do worker bees also have babies?

No, that is the queen's job. Worker bees work. That is it. No.Incidentally, 'have babies' implies giving birth to live young. This does not happen with any bee -- the queen lays eggs.

How long do worker bees of different races live on average?

Six weeks in summer and six months in winter.

How long do bullet ants live?

A Bullet ant usually will live for up to 90 days. There are other species of ants that have shorter lifespans and longer lifespans. The queen can live much longer than the regular worker Bullet ants.

Why do bees live in large colonies?

Only honey bees (Apis Mellifera) live in large colonies of up to 80,000 bees because they work as a team and are known as social bees. Other bees live individually or in small groups and are known as solitary bees.

How long does a male bee live?

When a male bee (a drone), is no longer required for breeding purposes - usually after three or four months - it is ejected from the colony by the worker bees and will then die because it cannot look after itself outside the colony.

What bee makes royal jelly?

Royal jelly is the sole food of the queen bee and it makes them live up to 20 times longer than the other bees. Royal jelly also comes from all bees.