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One reason was because of Owen Hart almost killed Steve Williams (Stonecold Steve Austin) by using a piledriver on him. I know in the WWE a lot of moves that are high impact and highly dangerous were cut by Vince and company. One wrestler that admitted this was The Hurricane Shane Helms. Helms had said that he had to stop using his vertibreaker move because of the rule the Vince put into effect. You can kill people. The piledriver was designed to injure the neck (like the Tombstone) and head area and it is too risky to have another top WWE superstar get injured. It could drop ratings. Wrestlers are allowed to use any move they wish in the WWE. There are no limitations. Before a match, if there are any moves that either doesn't want to use, then it is agreed before hand and the piledrivers are back. Kane, and Undertaker use their Tombstone Piledriver which is a little more riskier to do, especially Kane's. Vince banned piledrivers, shooting star presses, and other high-risk moves. Sometimes the moves are allowed, but usually on special moments, like PPV's.

2005-11-25 19:22:26
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