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Archetypes reflect the collective conscious or unconscious human experience. They transcend time and place because archetypes are universal. Some of common archetypal symbols include the sun, the stars, water, numbers, colors, and the garden. Experiences can be love, a journey, or death. Archetypes can also be characters such as the hero, the wanderer, the monster, the scapegoat, the devil, the temptress, and the unfaithful wife.

So, reflect on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Where else have you seen a monster, who wanders the world in search of acceptance and love? Answers can be found in both modern texts, as well as in pieces of literature thousands of years old.

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Writers use symbols to add depth and complexity to their writing, allowing for deeper exploration of themes and ideas. Symbols can evoke emotions and create connections between different aspects of the story, enhancing the reader's understanding and engagement with the text.

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To show character . " ' " means more than one such as plural & " means word for word quotes. It states actions & reveals more

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Q: Why do writers use symbols in their work?
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Why do writers of the Bible use symbols?

Because, sometimes symbols make things easier to understand.

Although some symbols have the same meaning for many people what do writers often rely on to communicate the specific meaning of the symbols in their work?

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What techniques do writers employ to draw a reader's attention to symbols in their stories?

Writers can use repetition of symbols, making them prominent in key moments, giving them special significance through characters' reactions or actions, and using descriptive language to draw attention to the symbols. Furthermore, writers can also weave symbols into the narrative structure, making them integral to the overall story.

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What are the reasons Foster provides that lead him to believe that most writers do not accidentally create the symbols allusions and patterns you find when you read critically?

Foster argues that writers use craft and intentionality in their work, drawing on their knowledge of literary traditions and techniques to include symbols, allusions, and patterns. He suggests that these elements are deliberate choices made by writers to enhance their storytelling and convey deeper meanings to readers, rather than accidental or unconscious creations.

Where earlier writers might refer to characters events or symbols from history and literature Modernist writers created worlds in which the meaning of a symbol was specific to that work.?

The modernists created self-contained worlds.

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Where earlier writers might refer to character events or symbols from history and literature Modernist writers created worlds in which the meaning of a symbol was specific to that work?

Modernist writers sought to create unique and personal symbols within their works, moving away from established historical or literary references. This allowed them to explore individual experiences and perspectives, emphasizing subjectivity and fragmentation in their storytelling. By constructing new symbolic meanings, Modernist writers aimed to challenge traditional narrative conventions and evoke a sense of disorientation in the reader.

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