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Why do you dream about another man other than your boyfriend?

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This is normal. Do not let it get to you. If the other man is obtainable (i.e. not a big movie star) then go after him. Otherwise laugh about it and tell your boyfriend. He's probably got actresses he'd love to make it with as well.

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What does it mean to dream that your boyfriend has married someone else?

There might be a number of different interpretation of this dream depending on the dreamer's situation and other factors within the dream. One possibility is that the other person represents the dreamer herself, and the dream is thinly disguised wish-fulfillment. Another possibility is that the dreamer has different expectations for the relationship than the boyfriend has, and the dream is alerting her to her unrealistic hopes.

Why do I dream about men I know but I don't dream about my boyfriend?

Dreams are symbolic rather than literal. So it is very likely that the other men you dream about actually represent or symbolize your boyfriend.

Why do you have sexual feeling for other men than by boyfriend when you dream?

Well it depends are you a boy or a girl

What if your enimes boyfriend was flirting with you in your dream?

Dreams are about the dreamer. So this dream suggests that the dreamer would enjoy knowing the "enemy" was hurt by the flirting. The dream provides no information about the boyfriend or anyone else other than the dreamer.

Why do you dream that your boyfriend cheats on you with your friend?

Dreams are very tricky. Sometimes it could just be your subconscious thoughts, and other times your dream could just occur out of no where. If you have any doubts other than it just being a dream, you should confront your boyfriend and friend so it can ease your mind.

What does it mean when you dream of another woman being pregnant with twins by your boyfriend?

This dream reflects your emotional frustration about your boyfriend spending his time and energy with someone or something other than you. The twins suggest "twice as much" time away from you. The other woman might represent nothing other than his long hours at work, or she could reflect your actual suspicion of his of being unfaithful. The important thing to note is that the dream expresses YOUR feelings. It does not provide any reliable information about your boyfriend's thoughts or feelings.

What does it mean when you dream about fighting your ex boyfriend?

This contributor is admittedly no expert on dream analysis, but hopefully my answer will be better than none. I think your ex boyfriend represents your past which you are not ready to let go of yet. Suggest you wait for other WikiAnswers and seek other opinions.

How do you retreve your girlfriend if she have another boyfriend?

buy her more things than the other guy

To have a dream about another man other than my husband?

keep it in your dreams and not anywhere else

What does it mean if you dream about your boyfriend in the dream being mad at you?

The dream suggests that you place too much importance on the approval of other people, and especially on your boyfriend's approval. The dream comes from your own subconscious mind (soul) and might mean that you need to have more confidence in yourself rather than relying so much on what your boyfriend thinks.

I let another guy other than my boyfriend touch me... Is that cheating?

it depends on where you let him touch you

What does it mean dream about someone else who's not your boyfriend?

Dreams can be about many things other than romantic attraction. Dreaming of a certain person has no relevance to the dreamer's emotions about that real life person. The person might appear in a dream because of some similarity to the boyfriend or to some other individual in the dreamer's life.

What does it means when you dream that your boyfriend is married?

This dream expresses feelings that the boyfriend is committed to someone or something else - a job, sports, friends, family, etc. - more than he is committed to the dreamer.

What does it mean when you dream about an ex guy friend helping you when your boyfriend runs away?

This dream suggests that you felt more secure with that ex than you feel right now with your current boyfriend.

How can you find out if your boyfriend has a kid?

You ask him. If he won't tell you, find another boyfriend. If he gives you anything other than a straight, honest answer, find another boyfriend. If you plan on spending time with him and maybe planning a life together, you have the right to know.

Did Anne of Cleves have another boyfriend other than Henry VIII?

No. That would have been treason and she wanted to keep her head.

What does it mean when you dream of your is boyfriend calling you?

If you have ESP like me than he will call you soon. Either that or you miss him.

Had a dream my boyfriend cheated what's this mean?

It is possible that the dreamer's subconscious mind has picked up on subtle indications of unfaithfulness that the conscious mind has not noticed. Or, the conscious mind could be aware of the unfaithfulness, but chooses to be in denial. In that case, the dreams are notice that the dreamer needs to wake up.But... Those are not the only possible interpretations, because dreams often speak in metaphors, in which one thing represents another. The dream could well express the dreamer's feeling that the boyfriend is spending too much time on something other than herself - his job, his parents, his sport - the "cheating" could involve something quite different than another woman.It means that when you were asleep, you had a dream that you cheated on your boyfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend dumped you for a prittyer girl?

Find another boyfriend that's cuter than he is

What does it mean if you dream about your ex-boyfriend?

It is impossible to provide a meaningful interpretation without further information. If the dream was romantic, it suggests the dreamer still feels a connection to the ex. If the dream was angry, fearful, worried or any other emotion, that suggests the dreamer continues to have that feeling for the ex. Alternatively, the ex could be nothing more than a symbol of the dreamer's past.

What does it mean when you dream about a guy other than you boyfriend?

Dreams communicate through symbols, and people can be symbols, too. So the "guy" in your dreams could represent any random male, or he could be a symbol for any important man in your life - your father, brother, boss, or even your boyfriend. He might even represent the masculine aspect of your own personality! Other details in the dream may provide clues as to the actual meaning of the dream.

Why does your friend always have one boyfriend after another?


What to do if your in love with a boyfriend who dumped you for another girl but now wants me back?

Find another boyfriend. He dumps you then wants you back. you can do better than that.

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend plays with toys?

If you are older than him it might be that you feel guilty about the difference in ages.

What does it mean if you dream of a guy and it is not your husband?

Your mind WILL dream about people other than your spouse, simply because your spouse is not the only person with whom you come into contact. If you dream of being with someone other than your husband, your reaction to the dream is more important than the dream itself. Were you happier asleep or awake?

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