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The catholics belive that eating red meat on Friday is a sin or disgrace and so the only meat they can eat is fish, that is not poultry or red meat.

The above doesn't address the history of this tradition, which has nothing to do with piety. See links

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2011-09-13 14:10:04
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Q: Why do you eat fish on Good Friday?
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Why do Christians eat fish on Good Friday?

Catholics do not necessarily eat fish on Good Friday. However, they do abstain from eating meat.

Why you are not allowed fish on Good Friday?

you are allowed to eat fish on good Friday but just not meatfish is not classed as meat

Can you eat fish on Good Friday?

Yes, fish is fine on Good Friday. The vast majority of Christians have no restrictions on what they eat on Good Friday. They can eat fish, chicken and even red meat, as there is nothing anywhere in the Bible that says one must refrain from certain foods on Good Friday.

Why do you eat fish on Easter?

you eat fish on Easter because on good Friday that was the day God shared out 1 fish between millions of people. That is why we eat fish instead of any other meats on good Friday.

Can you eat crab on good Friday?

Yes you can. You can also eat fish.

What kind of fish can catholics eat Good Friday?


What can you eat other than fish on Good Friday?

you can also eat veg

What are you supposed to eat on good friday?

The question should be 'what are you not suppose to eat on Good Friday?' That would be meat. The only meat allowed is fish.

Do you eat FISH until Good Friday or eat meat until Good Friday?

Catholics abstain eating meat during Lent on every Friday of the season. Fish can be eaten on this day, just not red meat.

What do Christian's traditionly eat on a Good Friday?

Fish is the traditional dinner

What do Italians eat for Good Friday?

Italians generally eay fish for Good Friday, No meat because of religious significance. Usually we eat cod fish, shellfish made many different ways

Is it a sin to eat meat on good Friday today?

It's not a Sin to eat meat. But It is advised by the Roman Catholic church to fast and not to eat meat / fish / eggs on GOOD FRIDAY.

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