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The catholics belive that eating red meat on Friday is a sin or disgrace and so the only meat they can eat is fish, that is not poultry or red meat.

The above doesn't address the history of this tradition, which has nothing to do with piety. See links

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Q: Why do you eat fish on Good Friday?
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Why do Christians eat fish on Good Friday?

Catholics do not necessarily eat fish on Good Friday. However, they do abstain from eating meat.

Why you are not allowed fish on Good Friday?

you are allowed to eat fish on good Friday but just not meatfish is not classed as meat

Can you eat fish on Good Friday?

Yes, fish is fine on Good Friday. The vast majority of Christians have no restrictions on what they eat on Good Friday. They can eat fish, chicken and even red meat, as there is nothing anywhere in the Bible that says one must refrain from certain foods on Good Friday.

Why do you eat fish on Easter?

you eat fish on Easter because on good Friday that was the day God shared out 1 fish between millions of people. That is why we eat fish instead of any other meats on good Friday.

Can you eat crab on good Friday?

Yes you can. You can also eat fish.

What can you eat other than fish on Good Friday?

you can also eat veg

What are you supposed to eat on good friday?

The question should be 'what are you not suppose to eat on Good Friday?' That would be meat. The only meat allowed is fish.

What kind of fish can catholics eat Good Friday?


Do you eat FISH until Good Friday or eat meat until Good Friday?

Catholics abstain eating meat during Lent on every Friday of the season. Fish can be eaten on this day, just not red meat.

What do Christian's traditionly eat on a Good Friday?

Fish is the traditional dinner

What do Italians eat for Good Friday?

Italians generally eay fish for Good Friday, No meat because of religious significance. Usually we eat cod fish, shellfish made many different ways

Is it a sin to eat meat on good Friday today?

It's not a Sin to eat meat. But It is advised by the Roman Catholic church to fast and not to eat meat / fish / eggs on GOOD FRIDAY.

Why do some people only eat fish on Good Friday?

Catholics fast on Good Friday, and traditionally eat fish and not meat on Fridays during Lent. They used to be forbidden to eat meat every Friday, and depending upon their location and diocese, some still are. Good Friday is a fast day, where one goes without the usual luxuries as a form of penance, purification and remembrance of God's laws.Christ died on Good Friday, so we observe that every Friday in Lent including Good Friday.

What is the tradition for eating fish on Good Friday?

There is no tradition of eating fish on Good Friday. There is a tradition of not eating meat on Good Friday.

Why does the Catholic Church allow you to eat fish on Good Friday?

The ban on eating meat on Good Friday was originally declared in the Latin language. The Latin word for 'meat' does not include 'fish' in its meaning.

Why can you eat fish on Good Friday but not meat?

Catholics do penance in remembrance of the suffering and death of Our Lord on Good Friday by refraining from eating meat from warm blooded animals. Catholics are not required to eat fish, just refrain from eating meat.

What can you eat on Good Friday besides fish?

well i should know because I'm a catholic and there's lots of things you can eat on good Friday besides fish for example vegetables,pizza,bread,crackers,theres lots of things you can eat on good Friday besides fish you just have to eat anything without meat i know its hard because i was fasting yesterday to and it probably was my worst nightmare.Traditionally you shouldn't eat meat on any Friday and some people even go without food on Good Friday. 'Fish' is a broad category and is not counted as meat by the Church but is not limited to fish, beavers and dolphins are considered 'fish'. This is why beavers were wiped out in Europe in the middle ages. The safe bet is just to go vegetarian for a day.

Can you eat turkey on good Friday?

The tradition for Catholics is that on Good Friday, you don't eat meat.

Can you eat chicken on Good Friday if you are a Catholic?

NO> it is a form of animal flesh- Meat. Fish is okay.

What do Jehovah witness eat on good Friday do they eat meat?

Good Friday is a Catholic tradition. Jehovah's Witnesses do not observe Good Friday.

What is considered meat during Lent?

i believe it is any animal. my family practices not eating meat on good friday, but we do eat meat on lent. i know that where im from, it is acceptable to eat fish on good friday, but it may be different where you are

Is it traditional to eat fish on good Friday?

It isn't really traditional. It substitutes meat which shouldn't be eaten on Good Friday. This is a form of sacrifice since Good Friday is a holy day, the day where Jesus died. Meat shouldn't be eaten on any Friday as a sacrifice.

Can you eat pork on Good Friday?

The tradition for Catholics is that on Good Friday, you don't eat meat.

What is the origin of no meat on Friday and lent?

They eat fish on friday, mainly because Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

Why do people eat pickle fish on good Friday?

Generally, it is a Catholic custom not to eat fish on Fridays. Eating fish pickled in vinegar on Good Friday symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and being given vinegar to drink. It is eaten with hot cross buns. Together, they symbolize Jesus sacrificing his life for the sins of the world on Good Friday, and the cross on the bun symbolizes Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.