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Because the lens has been focused depending on the available light. if you enter a darker room, your eyes have to re-adjust to allow more light through them.

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Q: Why do you eyes have to adjust to the light when you walk into a dark room?
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Do dog's eyes need to adjust to light. eg going from dark room to bright room suddenly?

yes they do there like humans when you just wake up and a bright light is on they need 2 ajusdt to it

When a person enters a dark room from bright light he can not see anything clearly for sometime and starts seeing slowly because?

Your pupil's have to adjust from the light to the dark so your pupils will get bigger in a dark room.

Can we see your reflection in a dark room on the mirror?

It may be possible if there is enough light in the room to see an outline of your reflection in the mirror. Or, your eyes may adjust to the dimness of the room and you may see a faint outline of your reflection in the mirror.

What can you see in a completely dark room?

If there is no light you can not see. There is only blackness. This is quite disconcerting. If you put your hand in front of your eyes you can not see it. If the room is dark ie no light then you can not see.

Why do we still see color in a dark room?

== We often see color in a dark room because our eyes aren't yet adjusted to the darkness. Close your eyes for a minute or two to let them adjust and the colors should disappear.

Why can you see better after being in a dark room for a few minutes than when you first enter?

cause your eyes have to adjust

What can you see in a room that is totally dark?

This is a simple answer. Our eyes require the reflection of white light from an object in order to see it. If there is zero light in a room that is totally dark we can see nothing.

What causes one eye to not be able to see at all in a completely dark room?

The pupil dialates to allow light to enter the eye and for you to be able to see. If there is no light at all then your eyes can not be used because you need light to see. If there is a little bit of light, close your eyes for 15 seconds so they can adjust to darkness.

Can you see yourself in the mirror in a completely dark room?

Yes, you can see yourself in a mirror in a completely dark room if your eyes have adjusted to the light yet.

Why do you open your eyes wide when you enter a dark room?

it is to help let as much light into your eyes as possible so you can see the best you can. this is why our pupils enlarge in the dark

Why should you not watch TVs in a dark room?

There is a myth that eyestrain can result from watching TV in a dark room, because the eyes adjust to the darkness of the room by expanding the irises, to let in more light, and then the brightness of the TV is excessive. I have found no evidence that this is true. It is possible to get eyestrain from watching TV, only because your eyes remain fixed at the same focal distance for long periods of time, but this phenomenon has nothing to do with the brightness or darkness of the room or of the TV. Personally, I watch TV in a dark room and it does me no harm.

What do you see if you have no rods in your eyes?

That means that basically you can not see if it is light or dark in a room. Or if it is night or day. You pretty much can not tell light and dark things apart.