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Why do you get deja vu?


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Studies have shown that déjà vu is primarily visually oriented. Basically, you see something and suddenly get that déjà vu feeling. The visually triggered Déjà vu is by far the most common occurrence

No one knows for sure, but some people think that something occured to you in the past that was somewhat similar to what recently happened, or something reminded you of something that happened in the past. There's also the possibility that you've traveled back in time and have very faint memory of what happened, and there's the part that it's merely a feeling.

It is a cognizance of experiencing a memory as it happens in the present momment, a memory that seems to mirror in close relation, something that is happening in the present.

"deja vu" is the feeling of having seen something before and it happens because your mind has seen something else that is so similar that it has a hard time telling the difference between what you are seeing now and what you saw before.

Some studies suggest déjà vu is caused when one eye records what it sees and then straight after the other eye sees it but at a different time.

Several theories imply that déjà vu is caused by the brain itself. One is that déjà vu is triggered by a neurochemical action in the brain that is not connected to any actual experience in the past. It makes sense that that feeling may be caused by a brain state that has nothing to do with memory, because at the same time of feeling familiarity, we know that the event could not have happened before.

> In 1895 Frederic W. H. Myers, an English psychiatric researcher, suggested that one hemisphere of the brain received information a split second earlier than the other half. Myers theorized that the subconscious mind registered information sooner than the conscious mind, causing the sensation of déjà vu.

> Another explanation is based on the fact that there are portions of the brain that are specialized for the past, the present, and the future. If observation from the present is mixed up with or confused with parts of the brain that process memories from the past, those perceptions will feel like they are memories, and the person will feel that they are re-living a moment stored in long-term memory: déjà vu.


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No. Deja Vu is, in most cases, a by product of how memory functions. In some people Deja Vu is neurological and may be associated with epilepsy.

deja vu occors in the temporal-lobe

yes al people can get or already had deja vu?

The song "Deja Vu" is about drugs that eminem used to do.

The French term "DEJA vu" in English is "already seen".

there isn't a origin for deja vu. deja vu is the name given when the same thing happens more than once in a strange or unnatural way.

i hhad never been there but throughout the day i experienced deja vu

deja vu translated from French means 'already seen' it's usually enough on it's own. "Deja vu all over again" was coined by Yogi Berra. It's a joke.

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well deja vu is a glitch in the matrix when the bad guys change something or your on drugs

When you think that you have seen or experience something before. Deja vu is french for 'seen before, you'

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That feeling that you've done this before is deja vu. That feeling that you've done that before is deja vu.

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deja vu is basically a feeling that you have been in a situation same before as it is now. As you are having this kind of dream so it is kind of a deja vu in itself. Nothing specific about it , its absolutely random.

Paramnesia (also 'dejá vu')

This impression is just like deja vu all over again.

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It means you have already seen it. Deja means already and vu is to see in the past tense.More information:It is not necessary to do anything when one has deja vu, other than to observe and enjoy the odd sensations that accompany the experience.

it means either u have dreamt this before or in a past or future life you have been to the place where you had deja vu

the opposite of déjà vu should be 'never before seen'Jamais vu

Dreams reflect the thoughts and experiences of the dreamer, so it is not odd to have a dream about deja vu. Such a dream would have no significant meaning in particular, just because of the deja vu.

I'm pretty sure the correct term is "deja vu", which is French for "I've heard this bull before". Or maybe it is "deja moo!" (That is word play on deja vu.)

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