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Q: Why do you get shocked all the time?
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Can you get shocked during a thunder strom?

Big time. All the way to dead.

Anyone else shocked at Tulisa not standing by her fella?

Not shocked cos didnt think she would anyway,but was very shocked to see pictures of her with Ultra,during the time she was with her ex fella.

How can you survive if electricity shocks you?

You most certainly can, we got shocked all the time, when you rub wool socks and touch a door knob you get shocked, and of course you survive. What you might be referring to is electrocution, say struck by lightning and have died, in some cases you can survive it all depends on what you're using and what you were shocked by, lightning actually isn't as fatal, more people survive from getting shocked by lightning then by getting shocked by electrical wires or a common house hold item, in might seem a little far-fetched, but it is indeed true. Hope that Helps!!

What if you tell a guy you like him and all he says is that he was shocked?

if you're ugly then it means he's shocked because of that if you're hot it means, he's shocked because of that. generally you should ask.

Is there any chance my child could get shocked when using an electric guitar?

No, your child cannot get shocked using an electric guitar. There is no electricity running through the guitar at any time.

How do you do a shocked face?

How do you do a shocked face on online

How do you use the word shocked in a sentence?

The town was shocked when they heard the news.The unexpected proposal shocked her at first.Because he didn't take proper precautions, he got shocked by the wires he was working on.

How do you put in a cord without getting shocked?

How do you put in a cord without getting shocked? Well if you dont want to get shocked put your fingur away from the shocked part.

What happens if you are shocked by lightning while in the water?

you get shocked :D

Was Mark shocked when Jesus got crucified on the cross?

no he was not shocked

When was Shocked created?

Shocked was created on 1991-05-20.

Will you get shocked when pass urine to electricity?

Yes, you probably will get shocked.