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Teachers were poorly paid so families would help support teachers by giving them apples which was a fairly common crop. As time progressed and teachers earned more baskets of apples were narrowed down to just one apple.

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Q: Why do you give apples to teachers as gifts?
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Why do you give apples to teachers for gifts?

The practice, stemmed from grammar school in which young children are taught the letters of the alphabet. "A" is for Apple, "B" is for Boy, etc. Since students wanted an "A" letter grade, they would give their teachers Apples.

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Why do you give teachers apples?

Teachers were traditionally paid by the parents of the students directly. Since not everyone could afford the money, food was a welcome substitute.

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Apples were given because teachers were traditionally paid a very low wage. Fresh apples used to be a very expensive treat. An apple for the teacher was a way to show gratitude to the teacher. The teacher was happy to receive the treat.

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