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Why do you have pubic hair?

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2011-04-12 21:32:37

Pubic hair is a lubricant. It prevents skin to skin rubbing and

irritation during sexual intercourse.


Pubic hair helps keep the female scent in their body. It also

reduces friction to the area from the clothes preventing arousal at

the unwanted times. It prevents dirt and insects from getting into

your area.


Pubic hair can also keep disgusting stuff in your area when it's

your time of the month. The pubic hair can keep moisture in your

area increasing your chance of having a bacterial infection (yeast

infection). If you are wearing lacy panties or things and such, the

hair gets in the way of your straps and laces. A lot of pubic hair

can cause your mate to not be able to see what he is doing.

For guys, there really is no reason to keep it except that it's

a lot of work maintaining that shrub. It also gets in the way of


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