Why do you have random nosebleeds?

Nose bleeding is the result of blood vessels that have collapsed within your nose. Common causes include: nose picking, becoming very excited and certain illegal drugs.

While there are a lot of reasons a person may have random nose bleeds, people with bleeding disorders can often get nose bleeds for no obvious reason. Frequent nose bleeds might be something to discuss with your doctor, especially if you tend to get bruises often. One of the symptoms of von Willebrand's can be spontaneous soft tissue and/or mucus membrane bleeds. While many different bleeding disorders can cause similar events, the disorder named von Willebrand's Disease is actually very common and under-diagnosed.

Many females get unnecessary hysterectomies because they were never appropriately diagnosed and thus never knew the simple ways they could treat the condition. Not knowing that a person has a mild bleeding disorder can also leed to many complications if the person has surgery or gets in an accident.