Why do you have to remove nail polish for an operation?

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When having surgery, the medical team will want to monitor your oxygen levels in your blood (usually in a non invasive way). This will be done by attaching a pulse oximetry machine to your finger or toe.

The machine is trying to measure how much haemoglobin is in your system. If you're wearing nail polish, it creates a barrier and an inaccurate reading.
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How do you remove nail polish from denim?

A drop of bright red nail polish had already soaked in to my favorite jeans by the time I got to my nail polish remover, so I couldn't scrape it off first as other folks answers indicate is a must. I cleaned it as best I could with regular NAIL POLISH REMOVER (which smeared it and made it lighter, ( Full Answer )

What does nail polish remover contain?

Acetone . The traditional chemical is acetone, although many brands are staying away from it. It is extremely volatile..

What is nail polish remover?

Nail polish remover is a dilute solution of acetone, an organic solvent that dissolves nail polish.

What is nail polish remover made out of?

The key ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone. Those which are not made from acetone are typically made with the key ingredient of ethyl acetate. The main ingredients are than diluted with any number of additional ingredients such as alcohol, water, propylene carbonate, glycerin, ( Full Answer )

Remove nail polish?

you can use nail polish remover but if you don't have that then you can use vinegar, if you do use a lot and try not to put it on a cut of skin peeling off as this will hurt. don't use cheap vinegar.

How do you remove nail polish from clothes?

first get a bug spray wipe then put nail polish remover on it than wipe if it does not come off all the way then you can wash it and that should do it

Remove nail polish from fabric?

Work slowly and carefully with hairspray and water (I used a toothbrush to scrub), if that doesn't work rinse the area thoroughly to remove chemicals and then carefully try acetone nail polish remover, test on the fabric to make sure your not about to remove the dye or melt the fabric. If that doesn ( Full Answer )

How do you remove nail polish remover?

well, u can i guess just use a cotton/dry towel/tissue to wipe it off. While applying, it shouldn't leave too much nail polish remover unless u applied too much

How do you make nail polish remover?

Unless you're making it in fairly large batches (i.e. producing it for sale), it's probably going to be cheaper and easier just to buy it since it's much more readily available to the average person than the ingredients themselves are.. However, most of the ones currently on the market consist prim ( Full Answer )

What can you use to remove nail polish?

Nail varnish remover or rubbing alcohol. Either one will work Crystals answer: umm i don't know.....NAIL POLISH REMOVER!!!really i thought the name pretty much said it all but i guess maybe that stuff isn't wat it says it is!!!(sarcasim i was usin sarcasim not bein mean ive been thru gettin tre ( Full Answer )

How do you remove nail polish without nail polish remover?

I tried this trick, it's easy. I know it sounds odd---but try it. Coat the area of your nails that has nail polish onn with another type of nail polish. Leave the polish on for about 10 seconds, then wipe it off hard (press down on your nail and wipe.) This should remove most of it, but wash your ha ( Full Answer )

How do you remove nail polish from a blanket?

try rubbing in nail polish remover if you're that concerned, then wash it in a machine when it dries. your blanket state won't be good as new, but better than with nail polish on it.

How do you remove fingernail polish from your nails?

Answer . you could use your nails to get it off.. you can buy some finger nail polish remover at any store (Wal-Mart, Walgreens, ect.) then you use a cotton ball and put the nail polish remover on it then scrub it on your nails.

Will nail polish remover stain?

Most of them do but be sure to read the label when you first bought it. It usually says at the back if it was spilt, would it stain or not.

How do you remove nail polish from shoe?

nail polish remover on a cotton bud works mostly on leather fabrics, but make sure you do a spot test before hand DON'T WIPE as it will make the stain BIGGER!

Who invented nail polish remover?

i researched who invented nail polish remover and i didnt get an answer so i had to go to the library amd it turned out that nobody inveted it its just alcohol . It's not 'just alcohol'. It is acetone. The molecular formula of acetone is C 3 H 6 O and the molecular formula of alcohol is C n H 2n ( Full Answer )

Where does nail polish remover come from?

"it comes from the factory of cow poo. yes. it is made out of MANOOOOOUUUUUUUR. haha. so hilarious." Actually no it doesn't. It is really an organic compound, containing gases, liquids and the occasional solid. I bet your glad your and idiot

How does nail polish remover remove nail polish?

The main ingredient in nail polish is acetone and in some cases acetate. The acetone dissolves the nail polish; liquifying it. This makes it easy for it to wipe off with a cotton ball or tissue.

How do you remove nail polish from a quilt?

Acetone nail polish remover should dissolve the nail polish and makes it able to dab the stain out for the biggest part. To get it cleaned completely, a professional cleaner might be able to help.

Facts about nail polish remover?

Nail polish remover is to remove any nail polish you do not want on your nails it was banned from Europe and may sometimes be toxic it is not good to be around children and there are many colors of remover.

How can you remove nail polish from face?

Solution #1 - Nail Polish remover! Just dont get it in your eyes. It's a slow tedious under taking. Depends how much of it you have on your face.. Solution #2 - Usually the oil from your skin will make it come off. You need to wait awhile then carefully scrape it off with your finger nail or face c ( Full Answer )

Can acetone remove nail polish from your nails?

I heard that acetone is HORRIBLE for ur nails! So do not use it! Just go by some nail polish remover but if u cant then leave them on and i bet they will fall off!

Is nail polish remover bad for you?

some nail polish removers are bad for your nails, as they dry out the nail, because they are acidic, this leaves your nail quite brittle and easily snapped, however, you can get nail polish remover pads that moisturise the nail as well as remove polish. Nail polish remover, is not that harmful to yo ( Full Answer )

How you remove nail polish on carpet?

The best way to bring nail polish out of your carpet ice. if you get an ice cube and set it on top of the nail polish and then leave it there for a couple of hours but don't leave it until the ice cube will have melted and then dried up come back when it is nearly melted and then get a knife and scr ( Full Answer )

How do you get stoned with nail polish remover?

DO NOT TRY THIS! you would inhale it i would imagine, like a huffing technique... i wouldn't drink it, it is a high amount of alcohol that would hurt your stomach and burn your throat immediatly... Do not think it is cool... its not, it will just harm your body badly

How does nail polish remove nail polish?

It doesnt. It jsut covers up the previous color. Correction: putting nail polish on old nail polish then quickly wipeing it of takes it off because the new nail polish grabs the old like insta glue and takes the old when you wipe it off.

How do you get nail polish off your nails with nail polish remover?

Just follow these simple steps: 1) Carefully pour some nail polish remover onto cotton wool. It shouldn't be drippy but you want it wet enough to dissolve the polish. 2) As you rub the remover onto your nails it will soften the polish and the cotton will pick up the softened polish. 3) Use fr ( Full Answer )

What removes nail polish from a carpet?

This just happened to me! Bright purple nail polish on tan carpet and it was already dry and crusted. It took me about twenty minutes and about a half bottle of nail polish remover. But apply quite a bit onto the area and dab and pick in an upward motion at it. Don't scrub until the stain is almost ( Full Answer )

What is pink nail polish remover?

Nail polish remover can be made any color by the manufacturer. That is probably correct. Pink nail polish remover is remover without the acetone. According to the USBC remover with acetone is illegal but without might be okay to clean bowling balls. It does make a difference. The ball hooks more. ( Full Answer )

Will nail polish remover remove nail polish from skin?

Yes, just use sparingly as it is full of harsh chemicals! If you need to clean up around your cuticles, dip a cotton swab in the bottle, apply it carefully, and wash off the nail polish remover with soap ASAP.

How do you get nail polish remover out of your computer?

Nail polish remover generally consists primarily of acetone and ethyl acetate. It should wipe off with a paper towel. One complicating factor is that many plastics dissolve or at least soften when exposed to those chemicals. At that point you're no longer talking about a stain, you've got structura ( Full Answer )

How do you remove shellac nail polish?

take alum. foil and pure aceton. Put the aceton on a cotton ball ( soak it real well) put that on te nail and wrap the nail in the alu foil.Wait for about 10 min then take it of.There will still be some on the nail wich you can scrape off easily with a wooden manicure stick

Can nail polish remover damage nails?

Yes,it is in fact,a chemical and nails are very fragile,so it candamage the nails! But I know there are some brand nail polish likeNOURISH (nourishmynails.com )which is better for your nails .

How do you remove nail polish stain from your nails?

You can use any nail polish remover. But if you're out, there are a couple of other ways. Hand sanitizer works on removing most polish amazingly. Also, you can paint another {thin!} layer of nail polish on top of it and than rubbing it off. Both layers should disappear! Two more ways are perfume {if ( Full Answer )

How do you remove gel nail polish?

You are going to need a few things to start out. Get everythingready before you get started. Materials: . foil squares . 100% acetone . cotton balls . small glass bowl . nail file or emery board . cuticle oil If you are going to do this over any surface that can be damaged byacetone, start ( Full Answer )

What is an alternative for nail polish remover?

you can mix vinegar salt and water together. once you do that add a little bit more of vinegar. you can use this but watch out for cuts near your nails for this solution because it'll make the cuts sting.

How do you remove nail polish from your sweater?

You will need oil free nail polish remover, a couple of paper towles or a face washer. Place the paper towel underneath the stain, saturate some of the other paper towel or face washer with remover and dab at the stain.

Remove shellac nail polish?

Soak cotton balls in acetone nail polish remover and put on your fingernails. Keep on for around 20 minutes. Once you have removed all the shallac nail polish, give your nails a massage with an oil, olive oil, solar oil, vitamin E oil. Any oil will do, you must keep your nails moisturized as the ac ( Full Answer )

Is nail polish remover harmfull?

Nail polish remover is highly flammable, would not be good for one's digestive system if swallowed, and should not be inhaled very much. If used with care to remove nail polish, in a well ventilated location, nail polish remover should do no harm.