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Q: Why do you hear friends talking in the hallway even though you cannot see them?
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Why do you hear friends talking in the hallway even though you cannot see them around a corner?

It's most likely to do with the type of walls which are in the house. If the walls are weak/thin, then you will be able to hear what is happening on the other side.

How do you do dirty talking?

Even though it's not nice to talk dirty, it depends on which dirty. So until you tell me which dirty you are talking about, I cannot answer.

What does that mean if the guy you like is talking to his friend in the hallway and you and your friend are somewhere at the back and he turns around and stares at you before he goes into the stairs?

it means he was asking his friend advice about u on what to do on something. idk what though.

If you ask a girl out to come hang out with you and your friends sometime is that really considered a date in the typical sense?

if you're talking to your friends yes if you're talking to the girl or her friends no, to her you have to make it clear cause she might think you want to just be friends because even though im a girl i have a lot of guy friends that ask me to hang out with them and its really just hangin out... not a date

How do you get friends on city story?

There is no way you can get friends in the game.All the friends in the game scripted and will be friend with you as the developer of the game have instructed.You cannot change that.Friendship can be done in the game GTA SA though with limited people.

What happens to animal when they cannot compete with other animals in the wild?

They probably wouldn't be able to survive...Though it depends what animal you are talking about.

What does it mean when you are single and compilcated?

It means that you are not in a relationship, however you are talking to someone as more than friends and feel committed to them even though you are not dating.

How can you overcome your pain and grieves of your heart?

You can try talking to some friends, even though you do not feel like talking, talking helps. Also from experience time is the best way to overcome pain and grieves of your heart, so trust me give it time.

Why does a guy call you for long hours though you're just friends?

He obviously enjoys talking with you and may be interested in you more than just a friend.

Is ok for friends with benefits to ask if they enjoyed sex from the night they had it though text or while chatting?

If you feel it would get awkward through talking try texting it to them.

Can a kid today try out for Barney and friends?

No they cannot. Barney and friends has not made any new episodes since 2009 though reruns still air on PBS.

Is it all right to talk to ex lovers if you are married?

Why not - as long as all you are doing is talking, you are keeping up with "Old Friends" Your partnet may or may not get jelous though.