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Well when you slam the brakes on a bike, you move forward because the bike wheels will stop and force will push you forward.

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Why do you keep moving after you slam your brakes on your bike?

Your momentum wants to keep moving forward.

Why do you keep moving forward when you slam on your brakes on a bicycle?

It is your momentum of moving forward that has to be overcome before your brakes can bring the bicycle to a stop.

Why do you keep moving forward when you slam on the on the brakes on your bike?

Thanks to one of Newton's laws. This phenomenon is attributed to you having inertia. An object will keep moving until an outside force is applied.

Why do keep moving forward when you slam on the brakes on your bicycle?

Because when you brake, the brakes stop the wheels from moving. But that doesn't stop the bike from moving. It means that the speed/force/velocity at which you were traveling was forceful enough to override the brakes. So basically, you're sliding.

Why do you keep moving foward when you slam on the brakes on your bike?


Why do sharks have to keep swimming forward?

Sharks have to keep moving forward or else they will die.

Why do you keep moving when you slam the brakes on your bicycle?

even though wheels are locked, and not rolling, road friction allows bike to slide until coming to stop

When a person is riding a bicycle and suddenly apply the front brake the back part of the bicycle raises why?

Because of inertia. Stuff that is moving wants to keep moving. When the bike can't go forward, it'll try to topple forward instead.

How do you brake on hand brakes on a bike?

When you brake, the weight of the bike will shift forward. so the rear will skid quite easily, be prepared to let up on that. On good Surfaces, the front can take a lot of braking, but you need to brace your arms and get your body low-and-back to keep from tipping forward.

What do all bike brakes have in common?

They try to keep the wheels from spinning.

When you ride a bicycle at full speed and the bike stops suddenly Why do you have to push hard on the handlebars to keep from flying forward?

It's called inertia, or conservation of energy. Basically it means that an object that is moving likes to keep moving, and that an object at rest likes to remain at rest. When you're on the bike you are that moving object that would like to remain moving, so to resist that force you have to brace your arms against the bars. The bike willthen transfer that force through the for and wheel and into the ground.

What the meet the Robinson's motto?

Keep moving forward.

Whose family has the motto FORWARD?

in meet the robinsons it was keep moving forward, is that what you mean?

What is the role of the gullet?

the role of the gullet is a wire in a bike and it is continiously moving to keep the bike straight

What is a sentence with the word forward?

Soldiers, keep moving Forward. We had to fast forward the movie.

How do bike rear brakes work?

The coaster brake (rear brake) on many simple bicycles uses a one-way clutch in the chain and gear assembly, and a set of plates inside the rear wheel hub. When the pedals are moving forward, they engage the chain; when they are not moving, the wheel spins freely (bike coasts). When the pedals are turned in the opposite direction, it pushes the plates against the wheel hub to slow the bike by creating friction. Coaster brakes will not work if the bicycle's chain comes off, preventing the coaster brake from engaging. There is usually a large metal bar attached to the bike frame to keep the brake from turning freely. Caliper (hand) brakes work differently, and may be used on either wheel. When the handle is squeezed on a caliper brake, two pads mounted on the frame are pushed onto the wheel rim, again creating friction to slow the bike. These two kinds of brakes are analogous to the axle brake (drum brake) and the disc brakes (rotor and pad) that are found on automobiles.

Why do you keep moving forward when you slam on the braks on your bicycle?

Because of inertiaAn object will keep moving until an outside force is applied.

Why does my minecraft character keep moving forward?

It's a glitch. Just keep jumping and keep pressing 'S'

Why you fly forward off the bicycle or skateboard when hitting a curb or rock or other object that abruptly halts the motion of the bike or the board?

Its called inertia. It takes work to stop an object that is moving, if you don't have any (as in the cases mentioned), you keep on moving.

What type of energy is it when you move a handle or bike pedal and the gears or bike tires keep moving?

it is called mechanical energy.

What is a word that means to not give up or to keep going or moving forward?


How can you get over guilt?

Feelings of guilt can be depressing and keep you from moving forward with your life

What are the release dates for Capt'n Chuckleberry - 2011 Keep Moving Forward 1-13?

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Do brakes mess up your bmx bike?

If you're talking about looks then it's all about personal taste, and IMO brakes are so darn useful that I'd keep them on no matter what. If you intend to ride in traffic they're required to make your bike legal anyhow. Structurally your bike is fine with them.

Is it safe to take brakes off bmx bike?

Depends on where you intend to ride. If you ever take your bike onto streets where there is other traffic removing brakes is a really bad idea. But if you only ride in skate/bike parks then it's not so bad. My recommendation would be to keep them on.

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