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The recurring dream symbolizes some continuing problem in the dreamer's real life. When the issue is confronted and resolved, the dream will stop recurring.

Then you gotta be carefull of your life ir that o ther person u ware i the dream

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Depends on what the dream is about. Chances are you are getting a slightly different angle on the same subject over and over. Examine the differences should help you interpret the meaning of the dream sequence. You may even think you have figured it out and then have the dream again in a slightly different way. At that point you may also find yourself adjusting your interpretation some...

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Dreaming about the same thing indicates that you have a chronic problem that needs to be confronted and resolved. As long as you avoid dealing with this "same thing," the bad dreams are likely to continue.

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Reoccurring Dream.

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Q: Why do you keep on having the same dream over and over and over again?
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If you have a dream about someone over and over again does that mean you have a crush on them?

Evidently not or it wouldn't be just a dream or crush. they would be there. But keep dreaming you never know

what does it mean if i keep having a dream over and over about me and my crush?

heaven , what do you think just keep in dreaming [ lucky] i wish i was like you

Whats do you think of having the same dream over and over again means my sistuation is that I keep dreaming of my crush that I'm trying to stop liking?

When something like that happens to me, I take it as a sign to keep liking her. Too coincidencdy. Unless you have a good reason not to, keep liking her.

Does golf use integers?

Yes. Its used for when you keep having to try over and over again. That's the negative part. And the positive part is when you get a whole in one.

What does it mean when you dream your lost cat coming back but really didn't and you keep having it?

The dream is expressing your grief over losing your beloved cat. You might continue having the dream until you accept the fact that the cat is not coming back, allow yourself to mourn your loss, than move on with your emotional life.

What if you keep having the same dream over and over making out with someone you hardly meet?

The dream reflects the hormonal development and physical needs of the dreamer's body, as well as the dreamer's emotional needs. It means nothing in regard to the relationship with the casual acquaintance. Do not confuse dreaming with reality.

What does it mean if you dream about asking a boy over and over again to go out with you but he says no every time?

it means that he has been thinking about going out with you a lot, like everyday , over and over again.

What does it mean when you dream about running the same route?

The question seems to describe a recurring dream of running the same route over and over again. That would express you frustration about some task or routine in your real life that feels meaningless yet must be done over and over again.

What does it mean if you keep dialing the wrong number in a dream?

This dream suggests that you somehow are doing the wrong over and over in real life. Your subconscious mind is alerting you to your error.

What does it mean to dream of your son being taken over and over again?

it means that you are worried about your son and that you don't want to lose him.

What is maintenance rehearsal?

Repeating information over and over again to keep from forgetting it.

What does it mean when your dreams spin over and over again?

It is not clear what the question means by "spin over and over again." If it refers to dreams that recur over and over again, then the dreams represent problems or situations that the dreamer is trying to avoid. When a situation is resolved in real life, the recurring dream will end.