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Bones are there in your body to support you and build your structure if there would be no bone then we would be blowing from one place to another place with air

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What is the most important bone in the body?

There are no bones that we do not need in our body. Anything!! Every bones in our body are very, very important!

Which part of your body need exercise?

the body that needs exercise are the muscles in our body and our bones

Why do you need bones?

Bones hold your body up if you didn't have bones you would be a mass of flesh in a skin bag on the floor.

What are 3 bones in the human body?

If you need any three bones in the human body the I would say the Tibia, Fibia and skull.neck bone

What does the human body need to be able to stand upright?


What are the bones in the body?

Bones in the body

Why you do need vitamins?

To help your body go strong and have healthy bones

How many bones in a man?

In the human body there are 206 bones in the body. 198 bones will works in our body. There 8 bones in our skull does not work in our body

How many bones are in kid body?

In a child's body, there are 208 bones. In an infant's body, there are 350 bones. In a newborn baby's body, there are 300 bones.

Are there More bones in hands or body?

As the bones of the hand are in the body and there are bones other than those of the hand in the body, it follows there are more bones in the body.

How many bones does a baby have compared to an adult?

A baby has about 300 bones or in other words 270 bones in their body. An adult has 206 bones in their body. A baby has more bones in their body because as they grow up they need these bones to fuse together causing them to be bigger and most likely stronger normally That's why a baby has more bone than an adult does.

How many bones do we have in our body?

in our body we have 206 bones !

How are the bones in the body nourished?

how are the bones in the body nourished

How many bones you have in your body?

we have 265 bones in our body.

Why do you need different nutrients?

different nutrients help different body parts , body bones , body arteries , body muscles etc

Why do you need both muscles and bones to move your body?

The muscles are what do the moving, while the bones support you. It is the bones that make you able to make traction with the ground, while it is the muscles that pull the bones.

Why does you body need calcium?

To help your teeth and bones grow and stay strong.

Where are the most bones in your body?

the most bones in your body are in your spine

How many bones in your body?

There are 206 bones in our body

How many bones do yyou have in your body?

You have 206 bones in your body

Which bones of the body move?

all of the bones move in your body

Do fish have bones outside their body?

No they have bones inside there body

Answer how many bones in all body?

606 bones in the body

How many bones are in are in are body?

there are 206 bones in the human body

Do squids have bones in there body?

No they don't have any bones in their body