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For the exact same reason that English is read left to right: that's just how it is.

Hebrew writing originated during a time when right-to-left was the standard.


According to Jewish mysticism, God created the Hebrew language to be used from right to left in order to make the attribute of kindness dominant over the attribute of severity. Kindness is associated (mystically) with the right side, while severity is associated with the left.

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because the Hebrew alphabet was designed for right-to-left writing, and the Latin alphabet (used in English) was designed for left-to-right writing.

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Yes, the two official languages of Israel (Hebrew and Arabic) are both written right-to left.

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Yes, it is read for right to left.

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Q: Why do you read Hebrew from right to left?
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How do you fix the Hebrew reading right to left?

There is nothing to fix. Hebrew is supposed to be read from right to left.

Does the Torah read right to left?

The Torah is not "read backward". The Hebrew alphabet goes from right to left as opposed to the Latin alphabet (that English uses) that goes from left to right. The Hebrew is read properly (right to left), which would make it appear to an English-speaker that the Torah is being read backwards when it is actually being read forwards.

Which side do judisam people read?

Hebrew is read from right to left.

What do you read from right to left?

Languages that use the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets are written from right to left.

What languages are read left to right?

I know Hebrew and Arabic.

How do you write Rob in Hebrew?

Rob = רוב (read from right to left)

Why do Jewish people read and write from right to left?

Jewish people ... at least those who have learned to read ... read in the direction in which the material they're reading was printed. For example, when reading English, they read left to right. When reading Hebrew or Yiddish, they read right to left. When reading traditional Mandarin, they read vertically. Etc.

How will you write Kevin in Hebrew?

Kevin (read from right to left) = קווין

Is Hebrew written from left to right or from right to left?

Modern Hebrew uses the same set of numbers that everyone else uses (0123456789) and these numbers are always written left-to-right. Biblical Hebrew uses letters for numbers, written right-to-left.

How do you write the name Lindsey O'brien in Hebrew?

Lindsey o'brien = לינדסי אובראיין (Hebrew is read from Right to Left)

How is teegan spelled in Hebrew?

Teegan is spelt טיגן (read from right to left).

How can you write the name will in Hebrew?

Will = ויל (read right to left, and pronounced VEEL)