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The study of FMA (arnis, escrima, kali) is the most practical form of self-defense. It is no wonder why Black Belt Magazine has rated it as one of the top 10 for personal self defense. Many assumes that arnis is only a weapons based art. What some don't realize is that the stick or knife is just a tool to heighten the threat level and accentuate the skill/coordination required for training. The same techniques apply to empty-hand work as well with little to no modification of technique. Therefore, theoretically, once the skill is established with regards to weapons training, the empty hand work heightens as a byproduct therefore making for a much more skilled martial artist in a shorter amount of time. It is amazing how much creativity and practicality there is in FMA training. And the fact that it doesn't require any practitioner to have a greater physique but relies on technically superior movements and defense theory.

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Q: Why do you study arnis?
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Who is the father of arnis?

George Arnis

What are the stunts of arnis?

what are the types stunts in arnis

What are the materials and equipment of arnis?

arnis stick

Regional names of arnis in the Philippines?

Arnis-was a bogu

What are different skills in arnis?

Different Skills in Arnis: -Multiple Arnis Striking Principles -Arnis Drills with 2, 3, 4, & 5 counting exercises -Single and Double Sawali -Pag-aanyo -Arnis Drills with Multiple Hits and Cuts

When was Arnis Balcus born?

Arnis Balcus was born on 1978-04-02.

When was Arnis Mednis born?

Arnis Mednis was born on 1961-10-18.

What are the materials used in arnis?

Arnis is the name of martial arts in the Philippines. Some of the equipment used to fight in Arnis includes knives, sticks or weapons with blades.

Where did arnis originate from?

arnis originated from the Philippine's. the founder is Remy presas. it was found around the 1990's arnis is a Filipino stick fighting martial art. it is both traditional and a sport

What is arnis?

Arnis is a stick that is 28 inches long. It is a Filipino martial art, and is used as self defense.

Where did arnis come from?

Arnis originated from the Philippines. The early Filipino farmers were the first to use it for self-defense.

What is technique in arni's?

fighting arts in triangle! actually its not Arni's,,,,its ARNIS.. arnis is the Philippine national sport!

What is arnis martial arts?

Arnis is a filipino martial art that uses a lot of weapons especially the wooden stick called "BASTON", Arnis is the National Sport of the Philippines. its like a sword fighting

What is arnis that is used in gymnastics?

Arnis is a type of martial arts that was once practiced as a type of self-defense. Arnis is used in gymnastics as a way to strengthen the body and promote hand-eye coordination.

Rules in arnis?


Who was invented arnis?


Who is the inventor of the arnis?


What is an ARNIS?

An arnis is a stick made out of rattan, used in Philippine stick fighting, or the martial art to which it gives its name.

What actors and actresses appeared in Arnis - 1979?

The cast of Arnis - 1979 includes: Ann Lim Roland Santos

When was Arnis Licitis born?

Arnis Licitis was born on January 8, 1946, in Riga, Soviet Union [now Latvia].

What are the equipments used in arnis?


What are the skill in arnis?

Stick Fighting

When do you use arnis?

In the martial arts.

Who invented the modern arnis?

The Philippines

What is the formerly called of arnis?