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The study of industrial relations is to learn about industries and how they operate. This serves useful for someone looking to get into a specific industry.

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What is industrial sociology?

Industrial sociology is the sociology of relationship b/w employers and worker or study of impact of industry on social relation

What is the relation between machanical engineering and industrial engineering?

Industrial engineering is a interdisciplinary specialization branch. It comprises part of mechanical engineering like work study, method study. It also has study of optimization techniques, operation research, probability studies.

Future of Indian industrial relation scenario?


What are the main aspects of industrial relation?

Conflict & Co-operation are the main aspects of industrial relation.

What is industrial relations in Nigeria?

background of industrial relation in nigeria

Concept of industrial relation?

The concept of industrial relation was developed to define the relationship between the employee and employee. This was to enable that they co-exist well because they are dependent on one another.

What is industrial relation?

What is intriest employer

Nature of industrial relation?


Industrial relation in Nigeria?

The industrial relation in Nigeria was developed to help regulate the industry in the country. It looks at the various Nigeria's labor relations.

What are the new trends in industrial relations india?

industrial relation trends in india

What are the Industrial relation laws?

Industrial relation laws are regulations that focus on the relations between employees and employers. They are mainly aimed at protecting the rights of laborers.

The roles of Nigerian government in industrial relations?

the role of nigerian state in industrial relation

Define Industrial Relation by John Dunlop?

industry is the land production or manufacture of something or relation between the employees or employers in the organization called industrial relations.

What are the factors responsible for development of industrial relation?


What is the study of geo physics?

It is the study of the earth in relation to physical measurement

Why is the Industrial Revolution important in the study of sociology?

the industrial revolution is important to study because it helps you in life. if someone asks you "What was the industrial revolution" you will be able to say..."well....."

What are the similarities between sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics?

socio-linguistics :they study the relation of language to society psycho-linguistics :they study the relation of language to psychology..

What is the definition of macro motion study in industrial engineering?

Macromotion study in Industrial Engineering point of view is simply a study that focuses the overall process in the manufacturing company.

Economics is the study of living things in relation to each other?

Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of wealth. The study of living things in relation to each other is known as ecology.

What environmental factors affect the practice of industrial relation Nigeria?

How can political environment affect the practice of industrial relations

What are the objectives and scope of labor welfare in industrial relation?

The objectives and scope of labor welfare in industrial relation is to fight for the rights of workers. This focuses on the general welfare of the workers in any sector of employment.

Solution of poor Industrial Relation in Bangladesh?

withdraw politics from industry

What do you mean by industrial relations?

The relation which is caused during business time

Define industrial sociology?

Industrial sociology refers to the study of the impact of industry and labor on the society and how the society creates an impact to industrial forces. This can also mean as the study of industrialized place in the society.

What is industrial jurisprudence?

Industrial jurisprudence is the study and theory of industrial law. Is recent in origin and based on the concept of social justice.

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