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Because it is still developing or going a process of organeosis, there is a risk of abortion.

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Q: Why do you think a fetus is most risk during the first trimester?
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Why do you think are the reasons that the greatest ammount of harm to an embryo or Fetus caused by alcohol or drugs occurs in the first Trimester?

All organs of the Fetus are formed during first three months of Pregnancy. So drugs taken during this period have high chances of 'Structural' damage to the Fetus. Afterward 'Functional' damage can occur.So your Doctor will be very careful about drugs given in First Trimester ofPregnancy.

Will second-hand marijuana smoke in one instance hurt your baby in the first trimester?

No. Maybe if you were directly smoking it, it could have an effect on an unborn fetus, but I don't think any research has been done about the effects of cannabis on a developing fetus.

You thought you were pregnant but you got your period are you?

It is normal for some females to still have a period during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant get tested. It is as simple as peeing into a cup.

How long is the 1rst trimester?

The first trimester goes until the 12th or 13th week of pregnancy, depending on who you ask. Some people consider the end of the 1st trimester to be 12 weeks, while others think it is 13.

Can you take thyronome 50mcg tablet during first trimester you were diagnosed for hypothyroidism?

I think yes. The doctor has suggested Thyronorm 75 mcg for me , having previous history of HyperThyroid but controlled since last 3 years. After IVF the TSH value came up to 3.39, but the doctor said that the TSH Should be below 2.5 at first trimester, even though 3.39 is within the range for first trimester. Regards Sv

Is Pale pink spotting after straining to go to the bathroom normal?

I am not sure if this is "normal" but this happened to me during my first trimester of my second pregnancy. Everything came out find and I had a healthy baby girl. I am now in my third pregnancy and this same thing is happening all over again. In my opinion I think this is something that happens in some women during there first trimester when they are pregnant, but check with your doctor to be on the safe side.

How long is a trimester in school?

3 months i think!

Why do you think doctors recommend that woman avoid many medications during pregnancy?

Because everything she takes will go to the fetus as well.

At what month during pregnancy will the line on your stomach darken?

It will progressively darken. I think it starts around the third trimester and it does take a while for it to disappear after you give birth.

During what time do you know you are prgnant?

From the time of your first missed menstrual cycle a pregnancy test should be able to accurately show whether you're pregnant or not. However, even pregnant women can still bleed for a time during their first trimester so if you think you might be pregnant take a test even if you have bleeding at the time your period is due just to be certain.

Is it possible for sperm to kill a fetus?

I dont think since the fetus is surrounded by amniatic fluid and the nutrition it gets its from the umbilical chord si i dont think so.

I lost my baby at the end of the third trimester and this was the first miscarriage after two sons the doctor said it is because of a blood cloti am afraid of other pregnancy what do you think?

= I lost my baby at the end of the third trimester and this was the first miscarriage after two sons the doctor said it is because of a blood clot i am afraid of other pregnancy what do you think? = In: [Edit categories]

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