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Because they wouldn't work if they were all the same,

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What are the different body parts of animals used in getting food?

The different body parts of animals that are used in getting food include a trunk, tongue and beak. Other body parts are tentacles and proboscis.

Where do different types of meat come from?

From different body parts of different animals

What body parts do humans have that animals do not?

The Study Of The Different Body Parts And Organs Of Humans With Regards To Similarities And Differences Of Other Animals In The Animal Kingdom Is

What are the different body parts used by animals for getting food?

different animals use different body parts for getting or eating their food.By looking at their mouths and mouth parts you will be able to infer or tell the kind of food they eat :) Thanks

What animals need to materials around to the different parts of the body?


Do all animals have ear drums?

no, some animals have ear drums in different parts of their body like legs or sides of their body.

Body parts in two different animals that are similar in structure are said to be?


Are the body parts of animals important and why?

Well, animals body parts are very important because they are just like humans. They need their body parts to survive. So yes, the body parts of animals are important.

What are different parts of animals?

most animals have the same body part as us humans but they are not always in the same places

What body parts animals used to get food?

lots of animals get their food in different ways but most use the mouth or limbs

What animals have three body parts?

A Zorgamosiolhr has three body parts

Why do animals have shorter lives than people?

animals have shorter lives because there heart is smaller and there body parts are different then ours.

Can humans give animals parts of the body?

no but animals can give animal parts to humans

Examples of different body parts of animals used to get their food?

lizards-stiky tongue for getting food

What is the percentage of water in different parts of the human body?

I think that 90% of the human body is made up of water!

What are the cells in animals called?

Cells. Different types of cells have different names. What type of cells are you talking about? Different parts of a body have different types of cells.

Made of body parts that have different jobs?

made of body parts that have different jobs

WHAT IS THE pH of body tissue?

Different parts of the body have different pH, what parts are you looking for?

How the blood circulates to the different parts of the body?

it circulates to the different parts of the body to the blood.

Which animals have special body parts?


How do animals replace body parts?

they regeneration to replace body parts :) you're welcome :)

How do animals live in the deepest parts of the ocean?

they have special parts on and in their body parts

Do animal body parts fall asleep like human body parts do?

Yes Im sure of it. When body parts fall asleep it has something to do with the circulating blood i think, so what happens to humans probably happens to other animals too.

Can animals re-grow body parts?

Yes some animals like lizards can regenerate their body parts like tail.

How do animals differ in their body parts?

Animals differ in their body parts in a variety of ways from the way they reproduce to the way they mate and the environment they live in.