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why do you think scientists study earths interior?if you were a scientists ,will you undertake a study of the earths interior?

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Q: Why do you think scientists study earths interior?
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In what field do scientists study the processes that change earths composition?

I think that it's geochemistry, but I could be wrong.

Why do you think that astronomers are considered to be Earths Scientists?

Because they study many planets and their geography and atmosphere, in Earth Science you study the geology of Earth just like Astronomers study geology of other planets.

What to do physical scientists study?

Physics .. Think!

Which two processes do scientists think move the earths lithospheric plates?


What do scientists think produces earths magnetic field?

Its molten iron core.

What kind of Bacteria does Scientists think was or is on Mars?

they think that it has some of earths type of bacteria and others no known to mankind.

What does the lack of fossil record for some of the Earths history mean to scientists?

that the fossil are oder then what we think

Why do scientists think the earths core contains iron?

Iron is magnetic which forms the Earth's magnetic field.

What element makes up of the earths core?

scientists think that the earths core is made up of mostly iron, and contains smaller amounts of copper nickel.

What kind of scientists study the wolves in Banff National Park?

i think it was a bioligist

True or false Scientists think that the first life forms on earths probably did arise from nonliving materials?


Which of these extraterrestrial bodies do scientists think brought water to Earths surface?

Comets, because they are made from ice and dirt.