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Q: Why do you think that solar energy has a bright future in India?
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What type of energy may have a bright future?

Solar energy !

Why solar energy has bright future in India?

(i) India is a tropical country. It. has enormous possibilities of tapping solar energy. (ii) Solar energy is fast becoming popular in rural and remote areas. (iii) It is expected that use of solar energy will be able to minimise the dependence of rural households on firewood and dung cakes, which in turn will contribute to environmental conservation and adequate supply of manure for agriculture.

How solar energy can be future energy?

Solar energy can help grow plants which can be used as future energy.

What form of energy is the energy of the future?

Solar Energy and wind energy are the energy of the future.

Why is solar energy called the energy of future?

yes, energy

What is the sustainability of solar energy in the future?


Where in India is solar energy used?

In your home

What kind of energy will people be using the future?


Why is solar energy called resource of the future?

It is an equi-stable energy and can be rightly called the energy of the future, because it is an inexhaustible source of energy.

Will solar energy continue for America in the future?

well we will always have solar energy until God comes back

Is solar energy a ppromising type of energy for the future generation?

As the number of mega watt range solar power plants either in service or in construction increases, we can safely state that solar energy is a reality for present and future generations.

Good things about solar energy?

Solar energy is one of the environmental friendly ways to harness energy. It does not cause environmental pollution. It will be the energy of the future.

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