Why do you use a plow?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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For make your work easier.

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Q: Why do you use a plow?
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What did they use it for the plow for?

the plow is for digging out the potatos from the underfloor

What is the plow used for?

It is used for digging soil out. Today we use tractor instead of a plow.

What did the Mesopotamians use for the use of plow?

I think they use ox

Mesopotamians used the plow to make their farmland more productive. What was necessary to use the plow?

the domestication of oxen

Why was the steel plow important in the development of the West?

The steel plow was faster and easier to use and keep up

How do you plow a garden with a tiller?

in the right hand corner of your farm, there is a hoe. you use that to click on soil, to plow/

Why did the sumerians create the plow?

Yes... The Sumerians did make the Wheel in the Plow... The first shapes were discovered in the place where they settled

What does the steel plow?

The steel plow breaks up tough soil without the soil getting stuck to it. JOHN DEERe invented the steel plow because farmers in the Midwest could not use the cast-iron plow because they kept breaking. The Midwest soil was unlike the Northeast soil, and the cast-iron plow was made for the Northeast farmers to use.

How do you use the world plow in a sentence?

Plough is the British spelling of the American variation Plow. "The farmer needs to plough the field."

How do you use plow in a sentence?

I used to plow the farm with my grandfather. The speeding car left the road and plowed through the fence.

Why was the sulky plow invented?

it was invented because it allowed farmers to use a horse to move the plow insteasd of doing it themselves

What did Sumerians use for tools?

They invented the plow, plow seeder, the rake, a type of shovel, and the machete which they used for cutting crops.