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Why do you wear a number of garments in winter rather than one thick garment?


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Several thin layers can be warmer, yet lighter, that one thick garment. Air becomes trapped between the layers and creates geothermal heat.


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Yes. This allows you to peel off layers as you excercise or as the weather warms up. The classic layering used in mountaineering and outdoor exposure situations is a full length polypropalene undergarment to wick sweat away from your body, 1 or more layers of fuzzt stuff that insulates (more than 1 layer will trap air in between for even more insulation), and an outer shell that acts as a windbreaker and perhaps waterproof. The best outer shells seem to be GoreTex, in that they are water and airproof going in, but let moisture wick out.

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Wearing multiple layers, particularly of different weights and types of fabric, actually stores more heat and keeps you warmer than a single thicker garment. This is because each layer traps a small amount of air between itself and the next layer down; your body heat then warms the air and the air layers become insulating. For cold air to cool you down, it has to either strip away these insulating layers of air between the layers of clothes or contact your skin directly. Since each layer of clothing has different sizes, shapes and orientations of small holes for the cold air to get through, the more layers you wear the less likely it is that cold air can get through to chill you.

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