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Why do your breasts itch?


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it is because they are growing


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They can itch when they are growing

Well you don't need to worry about it it's totally normal. When your breasts itch it means that they're growing. You can itch them i you want but not too hard or too much or you'll damage your tissue inside your breasts.

either your about to get your period or your boobs are about to grow

Normally in pregnancy the skin can itch as it is stretching normally it is the breasts and obviously the bump! Please don't worry about this as it is totally normal, try a little moisturizer around the affected area! If it does continue to itch or get worse please go and see your doctor who may give advice or prescribe you something that can soothe the itch!

Because all your hormones are flying around

Yes. It is usually because your skin is stretching.

no-it just means your boobs itch and they are sore. for some odd reason. No, you should take a pregnancy test to be sure

possibly an infection Skin is too dry or they are growing.

The jock itch fungus may cause a rash on the upper and inner thighs, the armpits, and the area just underneath the breasts.

Maybe you need someone to rub them for you , or yourself to get the blood flowing.

Yes but it might itch and it will be white you can also use it on your butt and breasts I use it on my vagina breasts and butt it smells very good

Your breasts swell. The nipples itch or hurt. There will also be a leaking of a fluid from the nipples, not always resembling milk.

itch them -O that helps. Ok so if your boobs are itching, that means that you are going through puberty and they are growing. Or it could mean that your bra is no that clean, and you havn't showered in a while, or they are sweating. OR THEY JUST ITCH. Its normal for all girls, but just don't scratch too hard. =]

You scratch an itch! An itch itches. You scratch an itch to remove the pain.

i think you sould get that checked out.. i have never heard of that happin maybe they are just dry try lotion

Pregnancy, cancer infections, hormonal imbalances and yeast infections are some of the things that make the breasts itch.

Every woman's development is different, but yes, it is possible. Breasts grow through a great many changes in preparation for nursing a child. It is worth noting that pregnancy is not the only cause of aching breasts and itching nipples.

Well, im getting red blotches on my breasts too but they dont itch. Im an expert on rashes though. If they itch it may mean that you are not drying them off very well after you take a shower. I personally recomend using baby powder. And if they have bumps on them though and sometimes bleeding, i dont think you should use the powder. You can use cream but for me it doesnt work very well. if you still have problems then i do think you should consult with your doctor(because im no doctor!) Thanks i hope i helped! :) -spiritgal101

Sometimes it does itch.

Yes, it can itch. But a uncomfortable itch or persistent itch may be an alarm bell and should be seen by your doctor.

Yes, to itch is a verb. You betcha!! Itch can be used as a verb or a noun.

Sun Burn itch is when you have a sunburn and it starts to itch badly.

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